David Burn - Fab Lab Technician


David has been building things for as long as he can remember; his first big project was constructing a functional roller coaster out of K’nex, complete with chain-lift and loop-de-loop. In high school he learned Java programming and created an Asteroids styled arcade game. Additionally, he has dabbled in Arduino and wired a temperature & humidity sensor to display a live readout.

Years ago, he purchased a kit to build a 3D printer. Without a mentor, he had to rely on the internet to guide him through common pitfalls and avoid the dreaded spaghetti monster. Unsatisfied with simply downloading things off the internet to print, he endeavored to teach himself 3D design and has gained proficiency in modeling objects algorithmically with OpenSCAD.

At Virginia Tech he earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in sociology. He has an insatiable curiosity for understanding the inner workings of the mind and group dynamics. After graduating, he worked at a pharmacy for a few years before joining the Fab Lab team.

 If you see him in the lab, feel free to ask for help with the equipment or assistance with your project.  

 David can be reached at


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