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Virtual Workshops

We offer STEMinars (STEM Workshops) throughout the year to bring new STEM technologies to light and new students into STEM. In response to social distancing measures, we are launching Virtual STEMinars, led by STEM staff and faculty, so you can still learn and explore! Many of these virtually live sessions are offered for FREE and cover a broad range of STEM topics.

STEMinars provide opportunities for participants to learn about a variety of STEM topics through discussions, information sessions, sample projects, or hands-on kits. 

NOVA staff are working remotely to make additional STEMinars available in the coming months so be on the lookout for new offerings on our website and social media.

Virtual STEMinars

Design personalized pie toppers that will then be fabricated and mailed to you. You will learn how to design in Inkscape, a free graphics and drawing software, while learning how lasers can be used to cut and engrave. Other applications of lasers in the culinary arts will be discussed. Visit steminar.novastem.us/Register for more information.

Have your kids take a break from the screen and tinker with some hands-on STEM activities. Over the course of four weeks a weekly project will be provided that will include activities such as: building a tiny robot, creating circuits, using a DIY conductive probe to design experiments, building a wind turbine to move objects, and completing a design challenge using items from around the house. Directions and printed extension activities will be provided so that participants can explore at their own pace. An optional live virtual session will be provided once a week to provide an overview, support, sharing, and assistance with extension activities. Visit steminar.novastem.us/Register for more information.

The goal of a Maker is to produce better products - but what defines a “better product?” What is a better product in the age of Digital Fabrication? Machines might have assimilated hard skills, but the soft skills necessary for innovation have yet to be adopted. This 4-part STEMinar and optional lab(s) addresses these concerns by identifying the soft skills required in Digital Fabrication. The series will conclude with the presentation of a design challenge and competition, with the winning members’ product being fabricated in our own Fab-Lab. Visit steminar.novastem.us/Register for more information.


Would you like to learn more about the NOVA Fab Lab? Then attend this virtual tour and live information session. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, see images and videos of lab activities, and receive an overview of Fab Lab programs. Visit steminar.novastem.us/Register for more information.

Emerging, Proficient, Expert? Join this session to learn more about the standard components, rubrics, tips, and advice, on how to develop a VEX Robotics engineering notebook. An interactive game will assess your notebook knowledge and time will be provided for Q & A. Content will also provide a solid introduction for those interested in judging competitions. Two different sessions, one for VEX IQ and one for VEX VRC. FREE. Visit http://steminar.novastem.us/Register for more information.

Enhance your Scratch coding skills while developing a video game! Participants must have prior and intermediate level experience using Scratch. Free. Visit steminar.novastem.us/Register for more information.


Online STEM Resources

Check out these STEM activities and websites for virtual learning that include challenges, tasks, and games for students from PreK to College.

Code.org Courses (Computer Science) - K-college

Coding for Kids (Computer Science) - PreK-10

Tinkercad Codeblocks (Coding) - 3-12

Teach Engineering (Computer Science) – K-12

PBS Design Squad (Engineering) – 6-8

Khan Academy (STEM) – PreK-12

PBS Education (STEM) – K-12

PBS Learning Media Math for Kids (Math) – K-12

Smithsonian Science Education Center (Math) – K-8

PHET Math & Science Interactive Simulations (Math & Science) – K-College

NASA Education Activities (STEM) – K-12

Rasmussen College – 11 Simple STEM Activities (STEM) – PreK-5

Study Island (Math & Science) – K-12

Science Buddies (STEM) – PreK-5

K12 (Math & Science) – K-12