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Industry Spotlight - Zuzana Steen

  • Zuzana Steen

Industry Spotlight - Zuzana Steen

I manage university and academic relations for Micron Technology Virginia. I also serve on boards and executive committees that positively impact educational institutions.

Working at a technology giant like Micron, I see firsthand how crucial STEM education is to the vitality of the industry and my corporation in particular. Micron offers tremendous STEM education support in Northern Virginia and their partnership with SySTEMic Solutions has helped to create a broader regional impact in growing the STEM pipeline.

SySTEMic Solutions has been remarkably successful in implementing programs that began as Micron initiatives, such as the Micron Challenge, a middle school engineering competition, and hands-on science lessons. Micron has also been responsible for the robust spreading of robotics in the Prince William region. All these activities increase passion for science and math, ultimately leading students to make STEM career choices.

Micron Technology Virginia and the Micron Foundation are proud to have been alongside SySTEMic Solutions since its inception. I believe that they can help forge a path that will meet the current and future challenges the industry faces.