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Sponsor Spotlight: Steve Silberstein - Site Director, Micron Technology

  • Steve Silberstein

Steve Silberstein - Site Director, Micron Technology

I am the site director of Micron Technology Virginia, a high tech manufacturer of memory with 1,700 team members at our Manassas site and more than 30,000 worldwide. Micron's memory components (DRAM and Flash) are used in products such as computers, workstations, servers, cell phones, MP3 players, wireless devices, digital cameras and gaming systems.

In order for us to produce memory that people and companies use in virtually all electronic products, Micron must have a highly skilled workforce, from technicians to engineers, to support our constant drive for developing and producing new innovative products here at our high‐tech manufacturing facility in Northern Virginia. One of the main reasons Micron is engaged in the local community is to help enhance STEM education. Our company’s investment in education partnerships and programs that promote STEM education is focused on producing a talent pool that our region needs. We provide support through our Micron Foundation and donating volunteer hours, but we have a greater impact by engaging the broader Northern Virginia community to increase the pipeline of STEM graduates. That is why we helped establish SySTEMic Solutions and have been supporting it ever since.

One way we do this is by sponsoring SySTEMic Solutions summer STEM camps. The camps are vital because they spark an early interest in STEM and Our company’s success depends on our workforce. As a result, we focus on growing the next generation of scientists and engineers. That is why we support SySTEMic Solutions. Participating students emerge from the camps with more experience to hone their talent on local robotics teams and eventually become more excited and focused on technical and engineering fields.

Our sponsorship of SySTEMic Solutions is both an investment in the STEM community and a means to provide a tangible Return On Investment (ROI) for Micron. Some of the ROI from supporting STEM camps or having our employees volunteer at STEM events include:

  • brand name recognition
  • workforce development and increasing the local pool of talent – short, mid and long term
  • promote quality of life (housing, schools)
  • provide challenge in career and fun and enjoyment outside of work
  • team members make a direct impact on their own community and children
  • skill retention and development -- while our team members present on behalf of our company, volunteer or mentor, they are developing communication skills, building confidence, building pride in their company and are able to excite students about STEM career opportunities
  • employee retention -- team members who support the community are proud of their company
  • build good will in the community
  • engage the child in all of us -- STEM activities and robots are cool
It is exciting to work at a company that is an innovator and develops groundbreaking technologies that people and companies use every day. Our company’s success depends on our workforce -- that is the biggest asset we have. As a result, we focus on growing the next generation of scientists and engineers. Students are the future of technology. They are the consumers, designers, innovators and fabricators of the next generation technologies.

Engineers and technicians develop, improve and produce products such as computers, animation, global positioning systems, cell phones, DVDs, CDs, lasers, video games, digital cameras, camcorders, robots, medical equipment, printers, copiers, TVs, automotive equipment and memory -- things we use everyday.

Being in a technical field enables you to share and exchange ideas with others to solve problems and maximize potential. Take advantage of local STEM programs and sign up to tour companies like Micron. Once you are enrolled at a community college, technical school or four-year engineering school, apply for one of our internships so you can experience our workplace for yourself. www.micron.com