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Sponsor Spotlight: Mark Wyatt, President - DES. Inc.

  • Mark Wyatt, President - DES. Inc.

Mark Wyatt, President - DES. Inc.

I am the President and owner of Diversified Educational Systems, Inc. Founded in 1965, DES has built its business on the expertise and customer service that we bring to schools systems, teachers, architects and contractors alike. Representing a wide variety of nationally known manufacturers, DES is able to supply “turn-key” solutions including: Casework, Equipment, Furnishings, Curriculum, Training and Support. As a Class A licensed contractor throughout the Mid-Atlantic region we have found a large portion of our recent work assisting the educational community with program vision, design, installation and support of Kindergarten to STEM Education Careers.

STEM Education has been attempted in many previous forms and acronyms. However, today’s STEM education is proving to have the critical components and momentum that is going to be required of our students in both the domestic and global economy. It is essential that our twenty-first century learners be competent and comfortable working in all areas of STEM so they can be relevant in the future workforce.

That’s why DES sponsors SySTEMic Solutions. We firmly believe the competitions that SySTEMic facilitates are essential to engaging and promoting STEM-centric learning through hands-on activities. Our hope is that Community awareness and participation within these events will help parents, students and the school personnel understand the value of supporting STEM activities and programs within their traditional school settings.

DES’s sponsorship of SySTEMic events is an investment in the community and social responsibility where we operate. We are fortunate to be involved in the lifecycle of many of the educational buildings and institutions where we serve. Our ROI is being able to share our expertise and that of our partners (like SySTEMic) as we work with educational entities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We are also consulted and asked to help shape many of the physical environments which students use for learning, as well as being involved with both the core and supplemental curricular programs and equipment used by teachers and students. Our partnership with SySTEMic will help us better understand the growing trends in STEM education and how they can be beneficial to today’s learners and school systems.

What we find most inspiring is the hard-working and dedicated people in the Educational community. From the architects, contractors, volunteers, administrators and teachers it is rewarding to see everyone coming together on a project working hard to create great learning spaces and programs for today’s learner. And while challenging at times, DES is extremely fortunate to be in such a vibrant part of the country that allows our communities to receive incredible access to high quality facilities and instruction. This year DES celebrates 50 years of service and we are honored to be a respected and valued partner in the educational community. www.des.com