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Educator Spotlight: Mike Engley, Executive Director, Apple FCU Education Foundation

  • Mike Engley

Mike Engley, Executive Director, Apple FCU Education Foundation

I’m the Executive Director of the Apple FCU Education Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Apple Federal Credit Union. The Foundation awards scholarships to students and grants to school divisions and organizations. Our work is built on a model of collaboration with educators to find innovative solutions for progress.

As educators, we believe all disciplines are important. STEM focuses on areas that are increasingly significant and relevant to prepare for the workforce needs of both the Northern Virginia community and the nation as a whole.

STEM Camps provide educational opportunities and access for youth to get interested and excited about STEM and that’s a good fit with our organization’s mission. The long-term ROI is that students mature, become integrated in the workforce, strengthen our economy and are financially literate consumers. We view this sponsorship as part of an enduring investment in education.

It’s important to give back. Organizations like the Foundation donate needed resources to support the efforts of others. In our case, we see our contribution to STEM as providing great value to the community by impacting educational access and opportunities for students in this developing field. https://www.afcufoundation.org