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Educator Spotlight - James Gillespie

I teach geometry and computer science at Osbourn Park High School, where I also run five different robotics-based STEM education programs. I have a bachelor's in mathematics and computer science and a master's in secondary education. I believe that SySTEMic Solutions has made great strides in making STEM education a priority for teachers and students alike.

My experience with the robotics summer camps has made my students more enthusiastic about STEM. It has also given me a chance to develop curriculum and expand my own understanding of how I can tie STEM concepts into my everyday classes. I also see this trend in effect among my peers.

In the first year of our robotics program, I received an email from a parent concerning her son. She told me that he used to be a terrible student and never went to school, but as soon as he was involved in robotics he became excited about school and started to go all the time. Later, he graduated, went to NOVA and earned a degree in engineering. The student's exposure to our robotics program opened his mind and heart to a STEM career.