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Industry Spotlight - Curtis Baisch

I'm a program manager for Progeny Systems with a master's in electrical engineering.

One of the most valuable things I do is mentor students in competitive robotics. Today's engineers need to work cohesively as a team and robotics provides that environment. It is so important to groom these students for success and that is why Progeny provides job shadowing, which allows students to apply math and science learned in school to a real-world scenario. This gives them a priceless understanding that what they are doing in school is truly worth the effort and can end up in an exciting, well-paying STEM career.

Internships are also a vital part of the STEM pipeline. I have no less than six to eight interns each summer, which gives me the opportunity to mold the students into engineers that we need for the future. I help to guide them in their coursework so that it is tailored to our environment. In the end, I get an engineer with 2-3 years of experience right out of the gate.

I believe that this learning experience cannot start early enough. Getting students more involved in STEM at the elementary level is paramount and SySTEMic Solutions has really enabled this to happen.