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Navigating a Blackboard Course

Navigating a Blackboard Course | Announcements | Assignments

Navigating a Blackboard Course 

The organization and visual display differ from course-to-course, but the basic structure does not change.

Course Menu
Sometimes also called the course navigation; the course menu contains links to all the content of a course.

Content Area
The content area is where the text is displayed. Many items in Blackboard display as underlined links and you need to click on these to access the folder, test, assignment, URL, document or other item.

Navigation Path
As you click on folders and move deeper into the course site, the path that you followed is displayed at the top of the window. Sometimes also called breadcrumbs, they are links that allow you gradually step back if you get lost in a course.



Instructors often use the Announcements screen to provide you with current information about the Blackboard course. If a course does not open directly to Announcements, click on Announcements in the course menu to open that section. 



Some Assignments can be submitted directly through a Blackboard course. Click on the Assignment Title to access the Upload Assignment page. The Assignment Information Section includes the assignment name, instructions, due date, points possible and a grading rubric if included. In the Assignment Submission section, you can attach files or type a submission in the Content Editor. Click Type Submission to display the Content Editor.

Once you start a Blackboard Assignment, you have the option to Save as Draft which allows you to save any progress you have made on that Assignment AND leave and return to finish that Assignment at a later date. Don’t forget to return and Submit your Assignment.

Attach a File

  1. From the Upload Assignment page, scroll past the text editor to the Attach Files options.
  2. Click on Browse for Local File to find the file on your desktop or Browse for Content Collection Item if the file is located in you’re my Files. Repeat if you have more than one file to add.
  3. Click Save as Draft to continue working on the Assignment or click Submit to submit your Assignment.

View a Graded Assignment
Graded Blackboard Assignments will appear under My Grades or you can click on the Assignment again to see the grade.