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If the instructor enables this feature, you can email the instructor(s), teacher's assistant(s) and/or fellow students enrolled in a course using Blackboard’s Send Email tool. Caution: There is no guarantee that your email will be received and there is no way to confirm who did or did not receive email.

If available, you can find the Send Email tool under Tools or Communication in the course menu. Some instructors add a separate email link to the course menu or to another area of the course that links to the Send Email tool.

Carefully select the audience option you want: All Instructor Users will send only to the course instructors, while All Users will send to everyone in your course. Enter a Subject line and the Message you wish to send. Click Submit when the email is ready to send. You will receive a copy of any email you send using the Send Email tool.

Discussion Board

Discussion Boards in Blackboard allow for asynchronous interaction between students and/or instructors in a course occurring over extended periods of time.


A Blackboard Blog is a frequently updated online journal that displays in reverse chronological order and consisting of entries and comments. Only those enrolled in a course can view and/or author a blog.


Blackboard Journals are generally a personal space for students to communicate with the instructor(s) in a course. Some instructors make journals available to an entire course.


A Blackboard wiki is a collaborative tool that allows students to contribute and modify one or more pages of Course-related materials.


If your coursework includes group projects, your professor can create a section in the Blackboard course site for each group. The group pages give the members of the group a way to communicate and collaborate only with others in the group.