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Student organizations at NOVA offer you the opportunity to join together in governmental, cultural, political and/or special interest issues settings and to assume various leadership roles in carrying out the mission of the group.

Fall 2020 update: Interested in starting a group?

Interest Group applications are not required for Fall 2020. Please contact your Campus Club Coordinator to discuss your options.

Clubs Can...

  • Use the College name to show its affiliation with the College
  • Request funds from Student Life or the Student Government Association for applicable club programs, events or activities
  • Host virtual meetings, activities and events
  • Advertise and recruit members through the Virtual Student Union
  • Be featured in various publications of the College (student handbook, website, etc.)

Take a look at our clubs to see which one is right for you!

Contact your campus club coordinator to discuss your options for getting involved or start a new club.


Courtland James
Coordinator of Student Life
Email: cjames@nvcc.edu 


Tank McCarl
Annandale Program Manager
Email: mmccarl@nvcc.edu 

Elizabeth Garibay
Student Life Office Manager
Email: egaribay@nvcc.edu 


Mike McMillon
Student Life Coordinator
Email: mmcmillon@nvcc.edu 


Cari Dresser
Student Life Advisor
Email: cdresser@nvcc.edu 

Medical Education Campus (MEC)

Pat Martin-Mattocks
Senior Advisor for Student Life
Email: pmartinmattocks@nvcc.edu 

NOVA Online

Charlotte Lombardo
Student Life Coordinator
Email: clombardo@nvcc.edu 


E.J. McDuffie
Student Life Advisor
Email: emcduffie@nvcc.edu 

Picking the Right Student Club or Organization for You

Would you like to get invoved at NOVA? We have many different clubs to choose from! Consider your interests: do you enjoy playing a sport, drawing, or photography? Are you looking to make some friends? Student clubs are the best way to get started!

NOVA has several clubs that include recreation, academic, social, religious, and general interest groups. All have a common goal of furthering your education. Student clubs are a space where you can try out new interests, make new connections, and gain new skills. They also complement the education you receive in the classroom and can provide you with valuable leadership experience.

Philosophy of Student Involvement in Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations at NOVA serve as a valuable educational function, offering students the opportunity to join together in governmental, cultural, political, and/or special interest issues settings and to assume various leadership roles in carrying out the mission of the group. Organizations contribute a range of perspectives to the overall college community, thus enriching the academic environment and campus life for all students.

The Office of Student Life established a recognition process for student organizations that offers structure by providing parameters in which organizations can function; spells out responsibilities for groups, which the College expects them to fulfill; establishes a communication pattern between clubs and organizations and the Office of Student Life to provide support and stability to newly formed groups and their advisors and clearly defines consequences for groups, which choose not to exist in accordance with these guidelines.

In establishment of a recognition process, the Office of Student Life fulfills it charge to create an appropriate environment for support and maturation of student groups. The recognition process adds such an environment while maintaining flexibility. This goal has been a primary guiding principle in the creation of this recognition process.

Are you interested in starting a club? Contact your campus club coordinator to discuss it further. We look forward to working with you!

For Faculty, Administrators and Staff: Becoming a Club Advisor

If you are a faculty, administrator or staff member on campus and would like to get more involved with clubs, organizations or interest groups on campus, please consider becoming an advisor! Throughout the year, students decide they would like to begin new clubs and organizations on campus -- if you are interested in becoming a student advisor please contact the Office of Student Life.

The Role of Faculty Advisor

All student clubs are required to have a full-time faculty or staff advisor (part-time staff or adjunct faculty can serve as a co-advisor). If a club cannot find an advisor, a Student Life staff member may serve as a temporary advisor for a maximum period of one academic year.

As a Club Advisor, you take an active interest in the organization and become familiar with policies and procedures of the campus and college as they relate to student clubs. The Advisor should act as a "guiding hand" for clubs; reasonably available to assist with interpreting college policies, signing any necessary forms, or managing conflict. It is not the jobs of Club Advisors to run meetings, plan events, or recruit members.

If the Club Advisor wishes to resign from their position as an Advisor, they should notify the club and Student Life in writing at least one month before. An Advisor may be requested to resign from their role as defined by the club's constitution and bylaws.