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Census Dates

Census Dates

When you register for a class at NOVA, you are making a commitment to attend the class regularly, either in person or online. Since the Commonwealth of Virginia contributes a significant portion of your educational costs, you must establish your attendance or participation early in the semester, rather than taking a seat that might have gone to another student. The census date marks the last day to make that change.

If you do not attend at least one class meeting or participate in an online learning class by the census date (last day to drop with a tuition refund), your class registration will be administratively deleted.

Administrative deletion means:

  • there will be no record of the class or any letter grade on your transcript;
  • the course credits will be deducted from your course load;
  • the reduction of credits may affect your student status (full-time or part-time); and
  • you will not receive a tuition refund.

Summer 2019 Census Dates (in person classes only)

  • 12-week session: June 3
  • First 6-week session: May 26
  • 10-week session: May 30
  • 8-week session: May 28
  • Second 6-week session: July 7
NOVA Online/ELI Dates
NOVA Online/ELI Dates Start Date Last Day to Drop with a Tuition Refund or Change to Audit (Census Date)
Twelve-week May 20 June 3
First 10-week May 20 May 30
Second 10-week June 3 June 13
First 8-week May 20 May 28
Second 8-week June 17 June 25
First 6-week May 20 May 26
Second 6-week July 1 July 7
First 4-week (MTT 1 only) May 20 May 24
Second 4-week (MTT 1 only) June 17 June 21
Third 4-week (MTT 1 only) July 15 July 19

For variable duration (dynamic) classes, the census date is individually set. For these variable duration classes, in the Student Information System, click on the class. The date for Drop Without Penalty is the last date to drop with a refund.