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Student FAQ


What if I haven’t heard from my instructor?

Please inform us of any issues like this by emailing cao@nvcc.edu.

What should I do if I don’t have the necessary computer equipment or internet access to participate in my class?

Please contact your instructor(s) to discuss arrangements. Faculty will be flexible and provide support for you. Additional FAQ are available under the Information Technology Support Services section.

What support is available?

Support services such as the Counseling Center, Writing Center, Library Services, and Tutoring Services, will be available and accessible remotely. In addition, Academic advisors will be available. You should reach out to your advisor via email.

For co-curricular support, the Financial Stability Program will be happy to assist you. Through their office, you can receive assistance from professionals who will help connect you to local community and governmental resources through personal contact and the Single Stop screening tool. To complete the online Single Stop screener, please click here or contact the office at singlestop@nvcc.edu or call 703.323.3450.

Are campuses closed to students?

Yes. Campuses are closed to students.

NOTE: Many support services are available remotely; utilize online services or contact offices using information available on the respective web sites for each office.

I am feeling anxious and nervous about the COVID-19 situation. Are there resources that will help my family and me?

News of a widespread public health concern like COVID-19 (coronavirus) can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. It’s important to know how to manage overwhelming anxiety and keep perspective as the situation unfolds. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have guidance on managing mental health and coping during COVID-19. Please see Resources for Wellness.

What if I need accommodations for remote learning?

Disability Support Services is available to assist students who use accommodations to access instruction and to take tests, exams and quizzes. Some accommodations that apply to in-person classes do not apply to remote/online learning. Some accommodations may need to be added or modified. If your accommodation is to test in the Testing Center, you are not exempt from taking the test. You can take advantage of extended time on testing and minimal distraction while taking tests remotely. DSS will work with you to ensure that you have access to remote/online teaching and support services. If you do not currently have accommodations, and think you need them, you may apply on the Disability Support Services webpage or contact a DSS Counselor for help or information.

How do I buy books if the bookstores are closed?

Please visit the bookstore page for the latest status.

How do I send an email to my campus Provost?





Springfield (MEC) – MECprovost@nvcc.edu



Will the college drop my classes for non-payment (enrollment cancellation)?

The college will not drop any classes for non-payment. Be aware that you are responsible for dropping any classes you don’t want to take prior to the add/drop (census) date.


I applied to one of the competitive programs at the Medical Education Campus that requires the TEAS exam and was unable to take the exam before the college closed. Can I still apply to the program without the TEAS exam? Added: 04/10/20

For updates to Health Sciences and Nursing program admissions requirements or deadlines, visit the MEC Application Portal.

Do I need to take a placement test to register for a summer or fall class? Added: 04/16/20

No, for Summer and Fall 2020 registration, placement requirements have been removed. However, course pre-requisites will still be enforced and students need to explore the options for placement assessment and guidance including the VPT Math and English practice tests, the use of high school transcripts and test scores, and other assessments available to help students determine the most appropriate course placement. Information on assessment options and advisement assistance may be found at Placement Guidance for Students: Summer and Fall 2020.

During this time, what is the operating status of Parking and Novacard Services?

Please visit the parking services page for the latest status.

Financial Aid

Will I still get my financial aid for this term?

Your aid will not be affected as a result of the change in the mode of instruction, but you must continue to attend all your classes. Dropping, withdrawing, or failing to attend classes could require a recalculation of your financial aid, even if already received, and could impact Satisfactory Academic Progress eligibility for future terms.

What do I do if I need to talk with someone in Financial Aid?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the 24-Hour Support Center at 855-323-3199. You will be referred to a financial aid staff member if assistance is needed.

How do I turn in the required documents if the offices are closed?

Documents required by NOVA Financial Aid should be uploaded through a secure 24-Hour Support Center ticket. Do NOT attach documents to an email.

What do I do if I am told my FAFSA is selected for verification?

Follow directions for required verification if you are contacted. NOVA partners with Financial Aid Services to assist us in collecting verification documents and submitting corrections to your FAFSA.

Will Financial Aid send me additional information?

Check your personal and/or VCCS email regularly throughout the year. You will also be directed to review all communication on the Message Center in your Student Services Center. Read and take action as needed.

Will I still get financial aid notification for fall?

NOVA Financial Aid will begin preparing aid notifications for fall/spring 2020-2021 for complete files within the next few weeks. Possible delays in processing could occur if the business is further interrupted by COVID-19, but we anticipate continuing to process as we usually would.

How will dropping or withdrawing from a course affect my financial aid? Added: 04/02/20

Dropping, withdrawing or failing to participate in your courses remotely for the rest of the semester could cause you to lose eligibility for financial aid you already received and negatively impact your aid eligibility for future terms due to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. More information is available here. Also, please see the information above on Spring 2020 Grading.

Can I request a later payment date due to financial hardships? Can I break a payment up into two payments? Added: 04/02/20

If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please contact the Financial Aid Office and the Financial Stability Program. Information on NOVA’s payment deadlines can be found here.

I have a hold or a To Do List item on my NOVAConnect account that indicates I have to come to campus. Since all campuses are currently closed and are only providing services remotely, what can I do? Added: 04/02/20

Documents that need to be submitted regarding financial aid, student accounts, admission, records, or registration should be submitted to the 24-Hour Student Support Center. A tutorial for creating a case and submitting documents is available here. Do NOT attach documents to an email.

How can I make a tuition payment since the campus is closed? Added: 04/02/20

Payments can be made online through QuickPay after logging into NOVAConnect. Information on other payment methods, including the payment plan, is available here.

My parent’s financial situation has changed because they've been laid off. What can I do to see if I qualify for more financial assistance? Added: 04/02/20

Please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your financial aid application and an income appeal. We also encourage you to follow up with NOVA’s Financial Stability Program to discuss additional resources that may be available.

Tuition & Fees


What are my options to pay my tuition? Added: 04/03/20

Option 1- Pay with E-check or credit/debit card on line

Tuition can be paid online through QuikPay (from your MYNOVA Student Account). You can pay by e-check, with no fees, or by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) with a 2.7 % card processing fee that is charged by our card processor.

Note – Online payments must be made from a U.S. bank and associated with a U.S. billing address.

Option 2 - Mail your payment (Check, Money Order, or a Cashier’s Check)

You can send your payment directly to the Business Office on any campus using the US Mail or any other commercial Delivery Service (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

You can find the address of a Campus Business Office here: https://www.nvcc.edu/business-offices/index.html

Note - If paying by check it must be drawn on a US Bank, made payable to Northern Virginia Community College and written for the exact amount of the tuition due. We also require the student’s name and student ID number to be written somewhere on the face of the check. Failure to include this information could cause delays in the processing of the payment to the student’s account in SIS.

What if I only have cash to pay my tuition? Added: 04/03/20

Please DO NOT MAIL CASH TO THE COLLEGE. Unfortunately, we are currently NOT accepting cash payments. Please use one of the other payment options listed above.

Information Technology Support Services

If I don’t have a college laptop, or if I do not have a computer at home, will the college provide one? Updated: 08/05/20

 The Laptop Loaner Program is available while supplies last to NOVA students in assistant them with getting a laptop for the upcoming semester. To qualify for a laptop, you must be a currently registered NOVA student and complete the online verification form. Upon completion and approval, a laptop can be mailed out to you to the address that is provided. Laptops will not be mailed to P. O. Boxes.

Laptop Loaner Form

If I don’t have Internet access at home, will the college provide a hot spot or reimburse me? Updated: 05/29/20

No, there are no spare hot spots to loan. Check with your local cable provider to see if they have programs to give you internet at a low or reduced price.

Are there any resources to help me get Internet access? Updated: 08/05/20

FCC agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.

How can I access WiFi in NOVA parking lots? Updated: 05/29/20

Students can access WiFi without having to leave the car and can practice safe social distancing.

Click here to download NVCC WIFI Locations and Connection Information

If I am not using CANVAS, do I have to start now? Updated: 05/29/20

All courses are supposed to be using CANVAS for your courses. Login to CANVAS through myNOVA on the college homepage.

Will the Internet become overloaded with everyone working from home?

There may be slowdowns from time to time, but the internet providers are working on increasing capacity and speed. If it is slow, you may need to try connecting at a later time. If you do not have an internet connection at home, see if there are special arrangements from one of the internet providers during the emergency.

I cannot log in to CANVAS; what do I do?

The IT Help Desk will help you. There is a link to reset your myNOVA password on the login page.

What kind of computer should I buy for remote learning? Updated: 08/03/20

Unfortunately, chromebooks and tablets do not work well with remote testing. However, there are inexpensive laptops that will meet your needs. Be sure the laptop has a built-in camera.  See NOVA’s student computer requirements at https://www.nvcc.edu/admissions/_files/Student-Computer-Specifications.pdf

Who can I contact if I am having trouble with technology?

Contact the IT Help Desk at Local Telephone: 703.426.4141 or Toll-Free: 855.259.1019 (outside of Northern Virginia) or ithelpdesk@nvcc.edu. Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00 am to 11:00 pm / Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.