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Frequently Asked Questions

Police FAQ

Yes. NOVA Police and/or security will be on all campuses to maintain safety and security. Additionally, the police dispatch will remain operational 24/7 and can be reached at 703-764-5000.
You can reach NOVA Police by phone at 703-764-5000 or by using the LiveSafe app.

Office of Emergency Management and Safety FAQ

Yes.  NOVA will require physical-distancing for the safety of faculty, staff and students.  Everyone will be expected to maintain a distance of 6 foot, or about 2 arm’s length from each other.

No. With the physical-distancing requirements in place, no groups should form. This will include areas such as libraries and computer labs, etc. In order to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus, groups should not form, and physical-distancing should be maintained.

Yes. The college is surveying rooms to manage appropriate physical-distancing. As needed floorplans and layouts will be adjusted to make sure we adhere to these standards.

According to CDC guidance, the best way to protect yourself is hand-washing. Handwashing with soap and water work best to protect you from spreading the virus. If soap and water are not available, a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content is acceptable.

Another way to protect everyone is to wear a cloth face-covering. NOVA is requiring all persons on campus to wear a face-covering during the time on campus per Virginia Department of Health guidance. Remember, wash or sanitize your hands after touching your face-covering. The college will provide hygiene stations in areas that will include disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. These will be in addition to the existing hand-sanitizing stations.

Some people have underlying medical conditions that prohibit the wearing of a face-covering. Please be respectful of these people, but maintain appropriate physical distancing to protect yourself in all situations.

If you do not feel well, the college expects you to remain at home and take care of yourself. We also recommend that you contact your primary care physician should you feel the need. If you develop symptoms while on campus, leave the campus, and file a self-report with the Office of Emergency Management and Safety.

Yes. The college is prepared to comply with all Governor’s orders, which may include a return to remote operations. In this case, you will be notified by your faculty member about arrangements for your class. Employees can expect direction from Human Resources.

Yes. The Office of Emergency Management and Safety maintains contacts with the local health districts, as well as the Virginia Department of Health. Information is exchanged by these offices as appropriate.

NOVA uses guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Community College System, the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia, Virginia Occupational Safety and Health, the Governor’s Office. This guidance is used to drive the decisions for safety on campus.

NOVA is currently utilizing enhanced cleaning procedures per CDC guidelines, especially for high-touch contact points such as door knobs, handrails, bathrooms, and common areas. In addition, NOVA will provide hygiene stations that include sanitizing wipes for “Do It Yourself” use. We highly recommend that you take an active role in keeping areas safe and clean by utilizing these resources to clean the areas and items you use.

The College will be deploying a mobile application that will encourage self-health screenings before coming to campus. These health specific questions will help you decide if it is ok to come to campus.

Yes. The college will work with you to make accommodations for your time lost in make-up work or assignments for students, or HR will work with you for lost time for employees. You will not be allowed back on campus during your 14 day quarantine period.

No. As necessary, these may be managed through existing College student and employee conduct procedures.