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Cisco VPN Client – Cisco AnyConnect

Note: The Cisco AnyConnect installation will detect the OS and download the correct version, Windows or MAC. If autoload does not work, just follow prompts for a manual install.

Uninstalling Old Version

You will need to uninstall the version of the VPN client you currently have installed (if you are upgrading). This can easily be done by doing the following:
1. Navigate to the Control Panel on your computer
2. Select Programs and Features
3. Find and click Cisco VPN in the list of programs available
4. Click the Uninstall button above the list of applications
5. If uninstalled correctly the Cisco VPN entry in the list of programs will be removed

Installing the New Software:

1. Navigate to the following site to start the download process:  https://nvccanyconnect.nvcc.edu 
    We strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome for this upgrade. 

2. Log in with your  NVCC username and password. Remember that you must enter your username as follows:  nvcc\username  (See image):

step 2

3. After you click Login, the window below will appear.  Click the “Windows Desktop” lin  to manually download the installer.

step 3

4. Once the installer is downloaded, locate it on your computer (usually in your Downloads folder or on the Desktop) and double click the installer file “anyconnect-win-xxxxxx.exe”. Press Next.

step 4

5. Accept the License agreement, Press Next.

step 5

6. Finally, Click the Install Button.

step 6

Once complete, this window will disappear. The software is now installed.

Logging In:

1. Once the installer has finished, run Cisco AnyConnect client. This can be found by clicking the Windows Icon > Cisco > Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility.

login - step 1

2. The Address bar will be empty.  Enter the address you see below (The same address that you initially navigated to download the software: nvccanyconnect.nvcc.edu)

Click Connect

login - step 2

3. You will be asked to login. Enter your NVCC credentials as seen below. Press OK.

login - step 3

If prompted to login again, do so. Make sure that you are entering your password correctly. You may need to contact the IT Helpdesk to make sure that your NVCC account has a valid password and isn’t locked out.  If the login was successful you will see the following icon in your system tray.

login - step 4

You are now connected to the NVCC network using the new Cisco software.