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NOVA's Emerging Technology Programs

NOVA’s Emerging Technology Programs:
Preparing You for the Future of Technology

NOVA is dedicated to serving the needs of our students and business community by creating industry-aligned degree programs that will provide training and knowledge for graduates to be highly successful members of the technology workforce.

In collaboration with technology leaders throughout the region, including Micron Technology, BAE Systems, Night Vision Labs, US Army, Northern Virginia Technology Council, Northern Virginia Data Center Community and Amazon Web Services, NOVA developed three new strategic programs to address key areas of significant need within the Northern Virginia technology workforce. These programs are aligned to the needs of industry, infused with opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials, and they are targeted at high growth areas that show significant job demand within the Northern Virginia region.

Cloud Computing

NOVA is pleased to announce this innovative degree that was created to address one of the most sought-after tech skills in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and the nation. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services’ Education program, NOVA will offer a Cloud Computing specialization as part of its Information Systems Technology (IST) Associate of Applied Science degree starting in Fall 2018. The degree program will be one of the first Cloud Computing programs in the nation offered by a community college. Cloud and distributed computing have been highlighted by LinkedIn as the number one in-demand global skill for the past three years, with Northern Virginia having one of the largest concentrations of IT jobs in the nation.

The two-year IST Cloud Computing Degree program will serve as a catalyst for individuals who wish to pursue a position in cloud computing and as a foundational base for any career in the IT profession. This new associate degree program will build on core competencies found in the IST degree (hardware, security, programming) and develop skills in the Cloud environment focused on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (virtualization, server management, storage and networking) and Platform-as-a-Service (application deployment, capacity provisioning, load balancing and scaling).

The 63-credit associate degree program is mapped to skills and competency-based credentials required by AWS and other employers who leverage cloud-based services and prepare you to earn industry-recognized credentials from companies such as CompTIA and Amazon Web Services.

A complete outline of the cloud specialization of the IST degree is below.

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Data Center Operations

In Fall 2018, NOVA will start offering the Data Center Operations (DCO) specialization of the Engineering Technology A.A.S. degree on the Loudoun Campus.

This program will provide graduates of the Engineering Technology A.A.S. program with the skills and hands-on training necessary to earn an entry-level position working in a data center or as a technician in one of the many companies that support the technology and infrastructure of data centers. 

To better understand the impact of this program, you need to know what a data center is -- a data center is a facility that houses a large group of networked computer servers that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and represents the backbone of the Internet and global economy. Data centers utilize advance power management, cooling and building automation systems to maintain optimal performance of the IT equipment housed in the building. Data centers can be found throughout Northern Virginia, but Loudoun County is home to the largest number of data centers in the world. 

Through the DCO curriculum, you will develop teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, knowledge and hands-on experience working with electricity, electronics, building automation and energy management systems, and HVAC and cabling techniques. Training through this program will also prepare you with the skills necessary to sit for several industry recognized credentials including the Certified Data Center Technician Professional and BICSI's Installer I and Installer 2 credentials.

There is high demand for employees with skills that can support the unique and sophisticated infrastructure needs of data centers. In the current market, entry-level salaries for these positions are very competitive and commensurate with qualifications. Data centers are the future of a rewarding career!

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