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A Message from Dr. Anne Kress

  • Dr. Anne Kress

Thank you for already making me feel so welcome at NOVA! I am honored and very (VERY!) excited about the opportunity to serve as your president and look forward to my first day: January 6. The trust you have placed in me to lead our College is a precious gift, and I will treat it that way.

NOVA is an outstanding, diverse, and vibrant academic community, and I was so impressed by the students, faculty, staff, administrators, Board members, and Northern Virginia leaders that I met during my visit. Your enthusiasm for what’s working; your vision for what could work; your honesty about what needs work—every interaction demonstrated your love for NOVA. The commitment to excellence, passion for student success, culture of inclusion and connection, drive for innovation, and respect for institutional history. All of this and so much more makes this College special. It makes NOVA go bold!

But, you already know all that because you know NOVA, which is why I want to hear and learn from you.

I’ll be spending my first few months listening to and understanding more about the people, programs, campuses, partners, and neighborhoods that make up our College and our region. It will take a lifetime to discover all NOVA has to offer, that’s clear, but this will give me a start.

Okay, time for a true confession: there’s no way I can wait until January to hear your NOVA stories! So, I hope you’ll reach out to me now to share them. And while you’re at it, help me build a list of the sites my family should visit, places we should eat, and things we should do in Northern Virginia. Send your recommendations!

One last thing: I’m working to find a few days between now and January when I can be at NOVA—on the campuses meeting with you (and, of course, picking up some Nighthawk gear). Once these dates are set, you’ll be the first to know.

If you wish to contact me prior to my arrival please email me at: presidentsoffice@nvcc.edu

Again, thank you! I am so proud to be part of the NOVA community!



Anne M. Kress