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VCCS Email Policy for Student Accounts

6.0.10 VCCS Policy on Use of Email Accounts

Electronic mail or “email” is one method for communication at the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). When communicating legally required information, personally identifiable information, grades, or any FERPA-protected information, faculty and staff must use college or VCCS email and VCCS student email or other VCCS authenticated method. Other communication of a more general nature that does not include legally required, personally identifiable, or FERPA-protected information should use the most appropriate electronic means for reaching the intended audience. This includes general information about class assignments, quizzes, tests, programs, college-wide announcements, financial aid or tuition payment due dates, course or registration information, weather-related closings or delays, and college events. Where a prospective student does not have a VCCS email address, the email address provided by the student may be used. Colleges must use a secure site and login procedures to send legally required, personally identifiable, or FERPA-protected information to a noncredit student who does not use a VCCS email address.