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Outage Notifications

Outage Notification Policy

  • Immediate outages (sudden, critical outages) will be posted on the home page of the IT Help Desk website under the Outage / Alerts heading. Outage resolutions will also be posted here. Outage and outage resolution information will be updated on the site every 24 hours to ensure current notification information is displayed. Historical outage information will be moved to the ‘Outage / Alert’ Archive section.
  • Email notification will be sent to faculty and staff to notify them of a sudden, critical outage. If the outage has disabled email to all faculty and staff, email notification will not be sent. 

    Email notification will be sent to faculty and staff for email outages that are determined to be ‘intermittent’ or affecting a segmented group of users. 

    Going forward, no email notification will be sent to students to inform them of immediate outage situations or outage resolutions. Students are advised to check for outages on the IT Help Desk website.

    Prior to sending any notification emails, the IT Help Desk will authenticate the outage’s impact on the NOVA user community by working with appropriate support groups.
  • Planned (scheduled) outage email notifications will be sent to faculty, staff and students. They will also be posted on the IT Help Desk website.
  • The College Home Page
    Major SIS system failures will be posted on the College home page scroll during registration.