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Home Use of Microsoft Software

Home Use of Microsoft Software

The Microsoft license significantly restricts the home-use of college owned software by faculty and staff. Only Microsoft Office can only be checked out by instructors teaching Office. Home use of other Microsoft software programs is no longer allowed -- even for work related purposes.

Northern Virginia Community College licenses software is governed by the licenses from the software publisher. Users should check end user licenses that are part of the software (usually under Help on the menu bar) for specific limitations. This webpage is designed to support NOVA end-users in the installation of those products remotely.


The IT Help Desk will make good faith effort to answer installation questions of NOVA users via the Internet and/or by email. On-campus support will be given higher priority and resolution of home installation problems is not guaranteed. Note, support for home use of this software is strictly limited to college related work only!

Installation Instructions:

Instructions may vary depending on the Operating system installed on your computer.


MS Office 
MS Visual Studio: C++, J++, Basic, InterDev, FoxPro

Other technical resources for supporting Microsoft products: