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Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program Staff

Pathway to the Baccalaureate Leadership Team

Name Location Phone Email
Fran Troy
Interim Director
Annandale, CG 216 703.323.3148 ftroy@nvcc.edu
Faith Lankford
Senior Admin Assistant
Brault Building 703.323.3544 flankford@nvcc.edu
Greer Muldoon
Administrative Assistant
Annandale, CA 142 703.764.5092 gmuldoon@nvcc.edu
Susan Nieves-Campos
Associate Director for College Access
Woodbridge, WC 208B 703.878.6123 snievescampos@nvcc.edu
Kristy Balbuena
Interim Director Retention
Annandale, CA 112 703.764.5041 kbalbuena@nvcc.edu

Pathway to Baccalaureate Transition Team

Name NOVA Base Location District/Schools Served Phone Email
Viridiana Acosta
Pathway Counselor
Annandale, CG 211 Annandale
Falls Church
703.323.4094 vacosta@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Delacruz
Pathway Counselor
Annandale, CG 211 Chantilly
South County
703.425.5394 cdelacruz@nvcc.edu
Jason Engler
Pathway Counselor
Annandale, CG 211 Langston
New Directions
George Mason
Monica Gomez
Pathway Counselor
Loudoun/Reston, Rm 332 Centreville
South Lakes Westfield
703.948.7583 mogomez@nvcc.edu
Jessie Green
Pathway Counselor
LCPS/Virtual Services jgreen@nvcc.edu
Kimberly Heck
Pathway Counselor
Loudoun, Signal Hill 130 LO County Freedom LCPS
Heritage John Champe
703.948.5499 kheck@nvcc.edu
Chandra Myers
Pathway Counselor
Woodbridge, WC 208B Freedom Garfield
Manassas Park
703.878.4574 cmyers@nvcc.edu
Shannon Nieves
Pathway Counselor
Loudoun/Signal Hill, 129-130 Park View
Potomac Falls
Rock Ridge
703.948.7739 snieves@nvcc.edu
Monique Peterson
Pathway Counselor
Alexandria, AE 216 Hayfield
Mt. Vernon Justice
West Potomac
703.933.8082 mpeterson@nvcc.edu
Ariel Ventura
Office Services Specialist
Alexandria, AE 216 N/A 703.575.4726 aventura@nvcc.edu
Amanda Wilder
Pathway Counselor
Alexandria, AE 216 Wakefield
HB Woodlawn
703.933.8380 awilder@nvcc.edu

Pathway to Baccalaureate Retention Team

Name Home Campus Phone Email
Rommel Aguilar Cardenas
Pathway Advisor
Annandale Campus 703.425.5929 raguilar@nvcc.edu
Karen Artis
Pathway Counselor
Annandale Campus 703.764.7386 kartis@nvcc.edu
Shanon Bobb
Woodbridge, WC 202 703.878.4566 sbobb@nvcc.edu
Kerry Coleman-Proksch
Pathway Advisor
Woodbridge, WC 202 703.878.6134 kcolemanprok@nvcc.edu
Alexander Coppelman
Pathway Counselor
Woodbridge, WC 202 703.878.4637 acoppelman@nvcc.edu
Stefanie Galindo
Pathway Counselor
Loudoun, LR 249K 703.948.7669 sgalindo@nvcc.edu
Pat Gordon
Project Specialist/Advisor
Alexandria, AE 216 703.933.1851 pgordon@nvcc.edu
Melina Mora
Pathway Advisor
Alexandria, AE 216 703.933.8080 mmora@nvcc.edu
Lisa O’Quinn
Pathway Advisor
Manassas, MC 242 703.530.8271 loquinn@nvcc.edu
Vinh Nguyen
Pathway Advisor
Annandale, CA 112 703.425.5209 vtnguyen@nvcc.edu
Brent Via
Pathway Counselor
Alexandria, AE 216 703.933.8061 bvia@nvcc.edu