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The figure below shows the completion timeline for the Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports (APER). The plan for continuous improvement is developed from July through August. In August through May, new targets and acceptable thresholds are established, and data are collected. The APER is written in June and submitted to the Office of College Planning and Evaluation in July.

Timeline for Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports


Templates and Instructions

Expected Outcomes Checklist
This document helps units to decide what learning or operational outcomes will be measured during each annual planning and evaluation cycle.

Strategic Plan Map
This map identifies where expected outcomes align with NOVA’s mission statement and strategic plan. Units determine measurable targets and acceptable thresholds for their goals.

Annual Planning and Evaluation Report (APER) Template
Below are the forms to complete for reporting on actions taken and outcomes analyzed for annual goals in the Strategic Plan.

Instructions for completing the templates are located in the Workshop Presentations section below.

Workshop Presentations

The Workshop PowerPoint presentations below describe how to write, measure, and use the results of expected outcomes, as well as how to write the Annual Planning and Evaluation Report (APER).

For Administrative Units

For Campus Units