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Are You in Need of Advising?

Virtual Student Supports is here to help! Contact virtualadvising@nvcc.edu to get support with:

  • Reviewing and interpreting Advisement Reports
  • Contact information for various college departments and staff
  • Understanding fall's six course options
  • Program placement
  • Enrollment support

When the College is Open:
An advisor will respond within two business days.

When the College is Closed:
Virtual Student Supports are closed.

Support for Enrolling

One-Stop Shop for Virtual Student Supports 

Virtual Student Supports is your one-stop-shop to get support for enrolling in courses at NOVA.

Virtual Advising 

Virtual Advising provides students with the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a professional advisor to explore academic options and opportunities.

Visit Virtual Advising to learn more about the virtual lobby, online chats and available resources. 

Helpful Resources

Unlock Your Holds

Education on hold? Don't get locked up! Find how to unlock your holds.

Remote Student Supports

Learn more about Remote Student Supports.

Disability Support Services

Explore access to services, programs, and activities for disabled students at Disability Support Services.

Academic Success Counseling for Students on Probation

Are you on academic probation? See Academic Success Counseling for Students on Probation.

Returning to NOVA

Need to register? Apply for Financial Aid? Or speak to a counselor? Please visit Returning to NOVA.

Contact Virtual Advising

Reach out to a virtual advisor for assistance.