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Mission Statements

Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology

The mission of the Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology is to support, encourage and enhance the use of technology by faculty, staff and students by providing planning, budgeting and leadership for technology and distance learning; and by administering the College's technical support units. These units provide technical infrastructure, programming, training, design consulting and leadership for technology and distance learning.

College Information Systems

The mission of College Information Systems is to analyze and translate college business rules and processes into automated applications; support Information Systems needed for processing students, faculty and staff such that databases are built and maintained in accordance to policies and procedures and the enterprise data integrity is ensured. Customization and system integration are also among the primary functions of this unit. In addition to supporting Information Systems, the mission of the unit is to disseminate accurate information to user community. That is accomplished by generating reports electronically or via printout.

Enterprise Technology Services

The mission of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is to provide the management and long-range planning necessary to operate the college-wide technology infrastructure and systems in order to meet the academic and administrative computing needs of the college.  The services that ETS provides college-wide include email, server and network management, database administration, IT security, telecommunications, NOVACard technology, data center, Sharepoint, and related functions.