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Faculty/Staff Resources for Learning and Student Success

At NOVA, our faculty/staff are absolutely essential to the success of our students and our College. To ensure your success and your support for students, the Faculty/Staff Resources page includes resources to support your College and campus connections. We are constantly working to provide more resources and support to faculty/staff in all departments. Additional student-facing information and tools can be accessed on Student Success Services.

Campus and College efforts to improve student success at NOVA.

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Our Student Success at your Fingertips Canvas modules present content aimed at developing a student’s knowledge and understanding of a topic and the skills needed to use and apply that knowledge. Content in both the student modules and the faculty information about the modules is organized into Knowing and Using -- Knowing a topic or module presents content aimed at introducing a concept or skill, while “Using” presents strategies for applying that knowledge or module.

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff in improving the quality of teaching and learning services. CETL Faculty Advocates inspire, guide and mentor faculty in areas of pedagogy and classroom management.


Research Reports

Office of Institutional Research (OIR) conducts research studies and publishes its findings in research reports and briefs, data dashboards, and fact sheets. Studies cover a wide range of subjects that focus on students’ access to and success at NOVA. OIR also conducts environmental analyses, such as studies of regional demographic changes, labor market trends, and local business and economic development needs. Additionally, OIR conducts special studies at the request of both the College president and the Administrative Council. Special studies include changing community college enrollment patterns, evaluations of services at NOVA, and needs assessments that support policy decisions.

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Data Dashboards

Faculty and Staff can look at trends in Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and student success metrics using the Data Dashboards

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A comprehensive list of resources for faculty to use when connecting students to appropriate resources across the campus and College within the areas of: Academic Resources, Advising & Counseling, Financial Resources, General Campus Information, Safety, Student Engagement Resources, Transfer and/or Graduation Resources, Transportation and more.
  1. Alexandria
  2. Annandale
  3. Loudoun
  4. Manassas
  5. Medical Education
  6. Woodbridge

Students may find additional information provided in the following videos useful: College Reading Comprehension, Writing a College Transfer Essay, Writing a Resume or Cover Letter.

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Annual professional development to support academic and student success at NOVA.

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NOVA Online offers a variety of webinars, recordings, and on-demand workshops to get started and succeed in online courses. Using the computer or mobile device and a high-speed, reliable internet connection, one can participate in the webinars, review the recordings, and take advantage of the on-demand workshops. A Web-cam or microphone is not required; text chat will be utilized during the webinars for participants to ask questions. All webinars, recordings, and workshops are free; however, registration is required

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