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There is a health care workforce shortage affecting the quality of life in Northern Virginia.

The health care industry is currently experiencing explosive growth in our region and is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. The delivery of quality health care requires a highly skilled team. Examples of members of this team are: registered nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, health information management technicians, radiology technicians, dental hygienists, medical laboratory technicians and many other highly skilled health care workers. It takes every member of the team to ensure quality health care.

Today, there is an alarming shortage of these personnel and the entry of new health care workers is stagnant or declining.

Tomorrow, this shortage will be exacerbated over the next several decades by our region’s increasing population, the “graying” of our population and new technology which will place a greater strain upon our region's ability to provide quality health care services.

If we do not act now, we will not have the health care team that is required in the future to provide quality health care to us and our families.

Left unattended, this crisis will have significant negative consequences for this region, leading not only to a problem in health care, but also to an economic competitiveness issue for businesses and a reduced quality of life issue for us all. A scarcity of health care workers will drive the cost of health care up further, driving the cost of health care insurance up for businesses and families. This shortage will negatively impact the quality, cost and access to health care for you and your families.

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