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Actions to facilitate foreign-trained health care personnel entering the Northern Virginia health care workforce:

8a. To integrate foreign trained health care new Americans into the Northern Virginia health care workforce, there must be an alignment and resource commitment by healthcar e, business, education, media, faith-based, civic, philanthropic, social service organizations, and economic development authorities working in concert.

  • Identify a single entity in Northern Virginia to coordinate among education, industry, social service agencies, and economic developmental authorities. This organization will provide intensive counseling and career management. Its main purpose will be to identify and inventory skills. Assessed skills will include healthcar e, language and essential work aptitudes. This alignment must provide:
    • Entry level health care positions with competitive compensation and benefits in accordance with the individual’s skills.
    • Language, cultural and essential work skill training
    • Technical training
    • Preparation for licensing exam

8b. Health Information Management (Clinical coding, RHIT, RHIA) could easily capitalize on the basic medical training these foreign trained health care personnel have received.

Case In Point: Three of the nineteen trainees who are waiting to start the first Training Futures/Northern Virginia Community College health care training cycle [See paragraph 7c (2)] are foreign-born legal residents who have health care experience.  They came to TF without knowing that TF was preparing to convert to a health care training program.  None of these three presently work in health care.   One has a CNA credential and worked for seven years as a home health aid, but left that position and started driving a school bus because she could earn nearly twice as much driving a bus! The two others both have nursing credentials from overseas. One of them worked as a nurse in Vietnam for 5 years, and wants to get back into nursing here. 

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