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Actions for upward mobility in health care careers:

7a. Healthcar e, business, education, philanthropic, civic, and faith-based social service organization and economic development authorities must become strongly aligned to meet this challenge. These organizations are not capitalizing on the accomplishments that could be realized if they developed a cooperative effort. An entity must be created to orchestrate the many superb programs and initiatives that are taking place in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, many of these efforts are being conducted in a vacuum.

7b. The technical training of New Americans, ethnic and racial minorities, low-incom e, and low skilled working adults requires:

  • A living wage
  • Health care benefits
  • Reading, writing and math skills
  • ESL
  • Basic skills training
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Short term intensive learning programs vs. the traditional education linear fashion
  • Comprehensive student support services
  • Career Ladders/lattices
  • The development of non-credit to credit programs

7c. Proliferation in Northern Virginia of the following models:

  • The Urban Alliance Foundation, Inc. ( Washington DC) - The Urban Alliance Foundation has a program in existence in Washington DC that provides for at risk youth: mentoring, remedial instruction in English and math, life/work skills, training and employment as a CNA, and concurrent enrollment in the University of the District of Columbia’s Associate Degree RN program.
  • Northern Virginia Family Service’s Training Futures Program: Training Futures (TF) and Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) have already developed a model, in which they are prepared to commit to producing newly-trained health care administration workers. Some of these TF/NVCC grads will move on to more advanced Nursing and Allied Heath education within a year of graduation from this program.  Training Futures and NVCC have successfully developed a coalition of community supporters (100+ referral agencies and over a dozen health care employers)  
  • Workforce Organizations for Regional Collaboration (WORC): WORC brings employers and service providers together to provide individuals in the Washington DC region with pathways to independence.
  • Workforce Investment Boards: This is a team of private and public sector partners whose mission is to advance an integrated, responsive workforce investment system to help businesses and job seekers stay competitive in today’s economy.

7d. Develop in Northern Virginia pilot career ladders/lattices (incorporating the principles and the best practices of programs listed above) for:

  • Nursing (CNA to LPN to RN)
  • Health Information Technology (Health Information Office Specialist to Clinical coder to RHIT to RHIA)
  • Long Term care (Career Ladder: Apprenticeships beginning in high school, combine hospitality and health care)
  • Dental Assistant to Dental Hygienist
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