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Actions to address the need for additional training sites and clinical faculty:

2a. College and university presidents together with health care institution CEO’s must meet and develop new guidelines for the proper allocation and utilization of clinical facilities. This will ensure the maximization of clinical training sites (tim e, specialty, day vs. night & weekend, sequencing of coursework etc) and clinical faculty.

2b. Implement the dual appointment of health care institution staff as clinical site instructors. Provide reimbursement to the health care institutions sites for this additional role of their staff. Health care institutions have very tight operating margins and reimbursement would provide them the opportunity to expand their staff incrementally to perform this function. A small incremental expansion of a health care institutions staff would be more cost effective and efficient than educational institutions having to hire additional faculty to perform this function. The Northern Virginia business community should be solicited to financially support this initiative.

2c. Educational institutions should maximize the use of human patient simulators to prepare students before they go to a clinical site. This allows maximum training at the clinical site and minimizes the amount of time needed at the clinical site to master required competencies. Human patient simulators however, are very resource-intensive for purchas e, maintenanc e, expendable supplies, and training faculty. Realization of the full potential of human patient simulators requires the employment of dedicated laboratory staff. State government, business and industry will need to financially support the expansion and advanced use of patient simulators in educational institutions.

2d. Conduct a feasibility study on the use of human patient simulators as a proxy for some clinical training site experiences. The use of human patient simulators as a proxy for some clinical training site experiences would require the approval of the applicable nursing and allied health accrediting bodies.

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