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Actions to nurture health care careers of the future:

12a. One of the underlying principles that Northern Virginia industry and education must embrace is to create opportunities for incumbent health care workers to advance into the careers of the future through career ladders.

12b. Northern Virginia should be the nation’s leader in the development of careers in “SmartBio” which are the emerging careers found at the intersection of the Life Sciences, Biotech and Information Management. The development and use of pharmacogenomics and bioinformatics-based tools for “personalized medicine” is an example of “SmartBio”

12c. Examples of jobs of the future:

Future Job Title: Senior Care Manager
Description: Blend of hospitality and health care worker.
Challenges: As the senior population grows and the number of residents in long term care facilities increases, there will be a need for a new type of worker with unique skills and matching compensation. The skills required in a long term facility worker are different than those required of an acute care facility worker.

Future Job Title: Health Information Office Specialist
Description: Office Management, administration, billing, clinical coding, HIPAA compliance and Electronic Health Record (EHR) management for a solo physician’s office or small group practice.
Challenges: If there is going to be an EMR or EHR for every American, solo physicians’ offices and small group practices must have affordable skilled workers to manage them.

Future Job Title: “Supertechs”
Description: “Supertechs” oversee multiple modalities (e.g. multiple diagnostic tests, multiple types of rehabilitation therapies)
Challenges: Providing career and education ladders for incumbent workers who have entry level clinical skills.

Future Job Title: Health Information Care Navigator
Description: Acts as a bridge between the consumer and the health care system. Core competencies: EMR/EHR, comprehension of the health care system, consumer advocat e, health information management/IT, reimbursement systems, and knowledge management. (This would be an excellent position for semi-retired health care worker.)
Challenges: Where does this position reside and what are the reimbursement mechanisms?

Future Job Title: Pharmacogenetics specialist/counselor      
Description: Expert in relationship of genetics and responsiveness/reactions to specific drugs/biologic therapies.  The Pharmacogenetics specialist/counselor would provide guidance for treatment based on patient’s genetic profiles.
Challenges: Continuing development of pharmacogenomics, and adoption in medical research, followed by universal adoption in medical practices.

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