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The Northern Virginia Health Care Workforce Alliance (NoVaHealthFORCE) advocates that the solution to deal with the Northern Virginia Health Care Workforce shortage must be the establishment of a long-term, business-driven, sustainable strategy. This problem has not surfaced overnight and will not go away overnight. There are many different angles from which we need to address the health care workforce shortage.

The actions we take must: be "business driven"; be clearly communicated to the business community that this problem effects the quality of life in Northern Virginia; address the workforce utilization and retention in the health care industry; and be self-perpetuating. The HealthFORCE program has come up with 14 steps that we can take in order to help address the problem.

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  1. Address the lack of nursing and allied health faculty
  2. Address the need for additional clinical training sites and clinical faculty
  3. Address the projected increasing population and commensurate health care demands in the western and southern portions of the Northern Virginia Region
  4. Ensure optimal resource utilization to increase capacity and output of Northern Virginia educational and health care institutions
  5. Increase career awareness in health care career fields
  6. Improve health care career preparedness
  7. Increase / Provide upward mobility opportunities in health care careers
  8. Facilitate foreign-trained health care personnel entering the Northern Virginia health care workforce
  9. Enhance the adoption in Northern Virginia of information technology in health care
  10. Harness the potential of the health care consumer
  11. Create innovative approaches in health care human resource management
  12. Nurture the health care careers of the future
  13. Develop a common forum in Northern Virginia to share its best practices and information
  14. Designate an organization in Northern Virginia to have responsibility for coordinating the implementation of the actions outlined in this report and developing a measurable system of accountability (report card) to monitor and evaluate the accomplishments of the actions outlined in this report

Read the Northern Virigina Health Care Workforce's Call to Action.

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