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Licensed Practical Nurse

What Does a Licensed Practical Nurse Do?

Under the supervision of registered nurses and doctors, LPNs attend to the comfort and well-being of the sick, injured, and disabled in the nation’s hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent centers and home health agencies. Specific tasks include:

  • Taking and recording temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight and height;
  • Dressing wounds;
  • Feeding patients;
  • Cleaning and moving patients;
  • Administering prescribed medication when authorized;
  • Observing patients and reporting changes in their condition;
  • Teaching patients good health habits;
  • Sterilizing equipment;
  • Giving enemas and catheterizations;
  • Keeping patient charts;
  • Knowledge of basic computer applications.

How Do I Become a Licensed Practical Nurse?

LPNs must complete a state-approved practical nursing program and pass a national written exam to obtain their license. Training programs usually take a year and require a high school diploma for admission.

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