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The Northern Virginia Health Care Workforce Alliance (NoVaHealthFORCE) advocates that the solution to deal with the health care workforce shortage must be the Establishment of a long-term, business-driven, sustainable strategy. The solutions must: Be “business-driven”; have the business community understand that this affects everyone’s quality of life; Have the entire nation recognize that the health care workforce shortage is more than a hospital problem. This problem affects all components of community life; Provide upward mobility for “New Americans” and the underemployed; Address workforce utilization and retention in the health care industry; and be self-perpetuating.

The alignment and resource commitment of health care, business, education, media, faith-based, civic, philanthropic, social service organizations and economic development authorities is required in order to accomplish the actions necessary to attend to the health care workforce shortage crisis.

Your input and experiences for addressing the health care workforce crises is critical because this crisis will impinge upon the quality of life of the entire nation.

Thus, all of the components of our nation must be rallied to solve this impending crisis.

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