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NOVACares Office

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At NOVA, we care about your emotional and physical well-being, in addition to your academic success.

About NOVACares

The NOVACares Office provides assistance, resources and interventions to members of the NOVA community. Through the use of our NOVACares on-line reporting system, we encourage a "See Something - Say Something" approach to campus safety, meeting the requirements of federal and state laws, as well as VCCS policy to help prevent campus-based violence. The NOVACares Office strives to support students, faculty and staff with a wide range of on-campus and off-campus resources. It also provides education and training on multiple topics including crisis management, classroom management, stress, grief and healthy lifestyles.

The NOVACares Office Offers Two Programs: NOVACares and Sexual Assault Services (SAS)

NOVACares Program

The NOVACares Program serves as early intervention and helps to facilitate a See Something, Say Something culture at the College. It provides individuals with a way to share their concerns by submitting an online incident report. It receives and directs these reports to the appropriate NOVACares Responder for intervention as needed. Trained NOVACares Responders are committed to a proactive approach to help our College maintain a safer community.

The NOVACares Program receives and assesses all reports submitted to the NOVACares Office via the online reporting system, for urgency and severity and assigns the reports to appropriate parties for review and intervention. NOVACares documents reports received through the on-line reporting system and ensures that they are routed to the correct responders based on the type of report and the situation reported. 

There are currently five primary classifications for categorizing incident reports:

  1. Academic Integrity Violation
  2. Student Needing Assistance Report (CARE Team Referral)
  3. Student Code of Conduct Violation
  4. Sexual Misconduct/Title IX
  5. Reports about Faculty or Staff behavior may be made by clicking here.    

Please report an incident using the online form that corresponds to your issue NOVACares Reporting Form.

Timely reporting is strongly encouraged. Reports and resulting intervention to address the issues are shared on a "need to know" basis.

NOVA strives to keep the reporter’s identity confidential. In cases of violations of the Student Code of Conduct or criminal matters, this may not be possible. However, the reporter will be notified in cases where their identity will be shared.

Please submit a new report for each incident. NOVACares responders include the campus CARE Teams, Deans of Students, Conduct Officers, Academic Deans, Human Resources, Title IX Office, NOVA Sexual Assault Services (SAS), NOVACares Case Managers and NOVA Police Department. Reports that indicate severe risk or imminent danger are directed to the college–wide Threat Assessment Team for review.

Sexual Assault Services (SAS) Program

The Sexual Assault Services (SAS) Program provides confidential information and services to any member of the NOVA community who has been affected by sexual assault, dating/partner violence or stalking. A Sexual Assault Services Coordinator is on call 24 hours a day to assist you. A Sexual Assault Services Coordinator can provide you with options and information as a victim/survivor at a safe place on any of NOVA's campuses and is available to accompany a victim/survivor to medical, legal or academic meetings or proceedings. You can also contact a Coordinator to request presentations on these issues in classrooms or at other college events.

If you want more information or are seeking services, please contact SAS (24 hours a day) by texting or calling 703.338.0834 or by email at nova.sas@nvcc.edu.