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Room Reservations

Room Reservation allows students to reserve and access special purpose rooms using NOVA’s college card access system. Each room is equipped with mounted kiosk and card reader.  When the room is not in use the kiosk will show Available and when the room is in use the kiosk will show In Use.

Available In Use

How to Reserve a Room

  • Tap the reader below/aside the iPad kiosk with your card
  • New Reservation box opens on the iPad kiosk

New Reservation

  • Give reservation a name
  • Make sure you are booking the correct room
  • Choose a date and start time
  • Choose time length of reservation
  • Invite others and allow them to access the room (optional)
  • Edit reservation preferences (optional) Expands the New Reservation box. You can have your confirmation sent to your email or texted to your phone (Text does not work with T-Mobile devices)
  • You can have a reminder sent to your email or texted to your phone (Text does not work with T-Mobile devices) minutes before the end of your reservation.

Confirm Reservation

  • Confirm the reservation

How to Enter Room

Your reservation will expire within xxx minutes after your reservation time if the door is not opened.

At the time of the reservation:

  • Tap the door reader with your card
  • Door to room should unlock, allowing you to access the room
  • Other you have invited may also have access to the room
  • At the completion of your reservation, your card will no longer allow access to the room

If you finish with the room before your reservation ends remember to release your reservation using the Kiosk.