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Request Electronic Door Access

Request Access

Some students will require access to practice rooms and or classrooms that have readers or Room Reservations.

  • The Dean or Assistant Dean should email the list of students to NOVACard office. The list must include the student id, the room # and card reader code # on the wall next to the door access.
  • Deans/Asst. Deans will also need to send NOVACard an updated student list after the drop/add period of each semester. Any student not on the final list will have the access deleted.
  • Each students on the list will be given access to the requested studios/classrooms, for only the duration of the requested semester.
  • At the end of each semester all access for students will be removed
  • At the start of each semester a new list of students should be provided to NOVACard.
  • Any students on the list(s) that does not have a proximity card (HID iclass card – noted on the back lower left corner of the NOVACard) will need to go to the NOVACard office, bring their current NOVACard to be exchanged for the new Proximity card at no additional cost.  Any student that does not have their current NOVACard will be charged a lost card fee of $10 if this is their first proximity card. Students that are getting a NOVACard for the first time will not be charged any fees.
  • Students should be made aware that the proximity card replacement fee is $15.