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College ESL - Level 3

  • students help each other in ESL class

If your ACCUPLACER ESL placement test result is College ESL Level 3, you have to take these three classes:

  • ESL 31 Composition I (5 credits)
  • ESL 32 Reading I (5 credits)
  • ESL 33 Oral Communication (5 credits)

When you enter Level 3, we expect you to be able to read well in English already. We want you to be able to read factual and informational texts. This will include narratives on many topics, short academic texts on topics that are already familiar to you and simple news articles. We want you to be able to write short compositions on subjects that you know a lot about. We expect you to communicate your ideas with a variety of English sentence structures. We expect you to be able to understand short academic lectures if we give you some assistance. We want to know that you are comfortable conversing with native speakers in personal and professional settings.

To complete Level 3, you must take 3 classes (15 credits). ESL 31 focuses on writing, ESL 32 focuses on reading and ESL 33 on oral communication. In your classes, you will develop academic language skills and improve your ability to think critically in English.

Common Activities in College ESL 3 Classes

  • Students read authentic materials including novels, short stories, excerpts from academic texts and short or abridged news articles.
  • They write summaries and responses to readings. They write compositions on topics related to both their reading and personal experiences. The focus in writing is on presenting ideas logically and clearly. Students learn revising and editing techniques as they work through multiple drafts of their writing. They share their writing with classmates often.
  • They listen to and take notes on academic lectures, both live and recorded. They listen to and give feedback on speeches and presentations made by classmates.
  • They participate in small and large group discussions, conduct formal interviews and research and prepare and deliver individual and small-group presentations on academic topics.

Click on the course names to see the NOVA Course Content Summaries for College ESL Level 3 courses.

ESL 31 Composition I
ESL 32 Reading I
ESL 33 Oral Communication I

Level 3 students may also register for ESL 72 Spelling and Vocabulary, ESL 73 Accent Reduction and ESL 35 Applied Grammar I. Click here to find out more about College ESL elective classes.