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College ESL - Level 2

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If your ACCUPLACER ESL placement test result is College ESL Level 2, you have to take these three classes:

  • ESL 21 Written Communication II
  • ESL 22 Reading and Vocabulary II
  • ESL 24 Oral and Written Communications I (5 credits)

When you enter Level 2, we expect you to be able to read a lot in English already. We want you to be able to read factual and informational texts. These include simple stories, simplified academic texts and short news articles on topics that you are familiar with. We want you to be able to communicate ideas on familiar topics in writing. We like to see that you can express your ideas in writing fluently with good English sentence structure. We also expect you to be comfortable conversing with native speakers on familiar topics.

To complete Level 2, you must take three classes (15 credits). ESL 21 focuses on grammar and writing, and ESL 22 focuses on reading and vocabulary, and ESL 24 focuses on oral communication and writing. In your classes, you will begin to develop academic language skills.

Common Activities in College ESL 2 Classes

  • Students read authentic materials including short stories, complete novels and excerpts from longer works.
  • They write short compositions on topics related to both their reading and personal experiences. They focus on developing ideas and presenting them with good organization. They work on increasing fluency and accuracy. They write multiple drafts, learning how to revise and edit their writing.
  • They listen to teacher instructions, contributions made by classmates and recorded material in English.
  • They participate in small-group discussions. They prepare and deliver short individual and small-group presentations on pre-academic topics.

Click on the course names to see the NOVA Course Content Summaries for College ESL Level 2 courses.

ESL 21 English as a Second Language II (5 credits)

ESL 22 Reading and Vocabulary II (5 credits)

ESL 24 Oral and Written Communications I  (5 credits)

Level 2 students may also register for ESL 72 Spelling and Vocabulary, ESL 73 Accent Reduction and ESL 35 Applied Grammar I, with permission from the ESL department. Click here to find out more about College ESL elective classes.