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Our Students

  • NOVA ESL students studying in the student center

Core Skills ESL students come from all parts of the world, have many backgrounds and various goals.

The descriptions below describe some typical students in Core Skills ESL.

  • Most of our students are permanent residents of the U.S. Some have lived here for several years, while others are new U.S. residents.
  • They have usually graduated from high school in their countries. A number have university degrees as well.
  • At the Beginning level and higher, our students are able to communicate in most everyday situations. In fact, many students have higher speaking skills than writing skills.
  • Many students work part time and often full time in the service sector in retail stores, restaurants, banks, beauty salons and more.
  • Other students are parents who take classes in the morning while their children are at school.
  • Finally, some of our students have non-immigrant status. A few have A (diplomat) visa status, and some au pairs with J visas also study in Core Skills ESL.

Core Skills ESL students are usually studying for personal enrichment and job advancement. Many are also studying to prepare for the ACCUPLACER test to qualify to study in the College ESL program.