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Faculty of the Year '06-'07

Margarita Hodge
Professor of Spanish - Alexandria

"Every student has a gift potential. And the most important thing is to show him the way to teach himself about how he learns best. It’s a discovery process; self discovery of bringing out the very best in a human being so they can go out and make a better world."

"I accepted it humbly on behalf of our entire faculty. I am only one person. I work with incredible people; with people who are very excited about teaching and what they are doing."

"By giving to them and reaching out to these learners, they bring it back to you and teach you too."

Ralph Eckerlin
Professor of Biology - Annandale

"My goal is to be an effective teacher and to intrigue the minds of some of these young people."

"I think you have to be a person and have a sense of humor in order to connect."

"To be recognized by students is really meaningful. There were a heck of a lot of my colleagues from Annandale who were nominated and I never expected to win. In fact, when they told me I had won and asked if I want to say a few words, I had almost nothing to say. I was amazed, speechless and this is a lot for someone who makes his living talking. It is an honor and it is an honor because it comes from students, the people you serve."

Linda Gill
Professor of Dental Hygiene - Medical

"At the end of this they have to pass a national board and a regional board and not providing the information to them or giving them the ability to pass is not acceptable as far as I am concerned."

"I bring a lot of practical, in the trenches knowledge with twenty years of experience and I think that gives me a little bit more pragmatic idea of what’s out there and what they are going to be facing and I am able to integrate that into their instruction."

"It was found out later that the student who nominated me was one that had taken a longer period of time to get through the program. She had been asked to do some remediation and the very fact that someone who wasn’t the top of the class nominated me really showed that she did appreciate the opportunity to succeed."

"I have an open-door policy."

Mark D'Antonio
Professor of Business Management - Woodbridge

"I like to teach a class and see people and know that they don’t understand and then be there when they do."

"It would really bother me if I thought there was a student who was afraid to approach me for some reason. I never want to give that impression. Even if you have missed a bunch of classes and you haven’t done so well and you haven't been a model student in the classroom, if you come up to me and say ‘hey, I’m willing to turn this thing around.’ I am listening. I’m never writing someone off."

"In the realm of business, scholastic material and academic ability are only part of it. I hope in a community college setting that they understand how an existing business is managed and what to look for and how to act and at the same time that they understand how to look for opportunities and start new things. Those are really two different skills."