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Alexandria Liberal Arts Hosts Guest Lecturer from Scotland

Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin
Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin from Abertay University talks to students about the history between Scotland and Europe and how it led to the Brexit vote of summer 2016.
Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin
Professor Jean Sue Cho (AL) introduces Guest Lecturer Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland.
Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin
Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin from Abertay University talks to students about the history between Scotland and Europe and how it led to the Brexit vote of summer 2016.

The Alexandria Campus’ Liberal Arts Division recently welcomed Dr. Adrienne McLaughlin of Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland to give a guest lecture to NOVA students on the recent Brexit vote affecting countries in the European Union.

McLaughlin, an expert in Scottish history, spoke to Professor Jean Sue Cho’s History 102 class and gave her presentation on this history of Scotland and Europe and how that history led to the Brexit vote this past summer. More than 20 students were present for the lecture along with Professor Cho, Dr. Jimmie McClellan, Professor Araceli Bachner and others.

Dundee, Scotland, and the City of Alexandria are sister cities linked culturally, historically and economically. McClellan explained that this connection gives NOVA and the higher education institutions in Dundee the opportunity to build a collaboration. In early 2016, McClellan and Bachner traveled to Dundee to give a few guest lectures and visit the city’s high schools. At that time, McClellan signed a memorandum of understanding to continue the partnership between NOVA and the colleges and universities in Dundee, Scotland.

“We’ve been sending faculty there to lecture for the past five years. If you want to attend one of the universities, studying abroad is a great opportunity to do that,” McClellan said to students after the lecture.

During her introduction, Cho encouraged her students to take advantage of this unique opportunity by asking questions to clarify any misunderstandings they may have about Brexit and how it will affect the UK and the European Union.

Through its partnership with Abertay University, Dundee and Angus College and University of Dundee, NOVA provides opportunities for these institutions’ students to become exchange students at NOVA and also give NOVA students the opportunity to study in Dundee, Scotland. This year, high school students from Dundee will also visit NOVA in an effort to give them an insight into college life in the U.S. In previous years, NOVA Alexandria’s Liberal Arts Division has also conducted classroom lectures and discussions with Dundee students and educators using technology.

McLaughlin, who is originally from Delaware, explained that planning guest lectures between the colleges and arranging for students to travel and become exchange students is all an effort to continue the colleges’ partnership with NOVA and give students an opportunity to experience something outside of their comfort zones.

“My reason for coming here is not only to talk about history and Brexit, but to deepen the partnership between NOVA and Dundee,” McLaughlin said. “We already exchange students for gaming programs but we would like to expand that and include liberal arts and other programs.”

For additional information about the Alexandria Liberal Arts Division or about opportunities in Dundee, Scotland, contact the division at 703. 845.6242.

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