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Phlebotomy Information Session

Phlebotomy (PBT)
Career Studies Certificate (CSC)
16 Credit Hours

ENG 111 College Composition I 3 credit hours
HLT 141 Medical Terminology 1 credit hour
HIM 130 Healthcare Information Systems 3 credit hours
HLT 145 Ethics for Healthcare Personnel 2 credit hours
MDL 105 Phlebotomy first 8-weeks 3 credit hours
MDL 106 Clinical Phlebotomy second 8-weeks 4 credit hours

These are the courses in the Phlebotomy Career Studies Certificate program. There are two major courses and four support courses.

The CSC can be completed in one 16-week semester. Refer to the online college course schedule for tuition and fees. This 16 credit hour CSC may be eligible for financial aid.

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