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Allied Health Division

The purpose of the Allied Health Division at the Medical Education Campus is to support and enhance the missions of NOVA and the Virginia Community College System.

The first step to beginning health career training at NOVA-MEC is to attend an information session.


Course of Study/Programs

  • Clinical Data Coding
  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Health Information Management
  • Health & Special Topics
  • Medical Laboratory Assisting
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Radiography Program
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Respiratory Therapy
Division Faculty and Staff

Dental Hygiene

Marina McGraw, RDH Program Director 703.822.6575 mmcgraw@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Corbitt Business Manager 703.822.6607 scorbitt@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Di Silvio, RDH Faculty 703.822.2723 edisilvio@nvcc.edu
Debra Powell, RDH Faculty 703.822.6572 dpowell@nvcc.edu
Lisbeth Shewmaker, DDS Dental Assisting Director 703.822.2717 lshewmaker@nvcc.edu
Janice O'Brien, RDH Faculty 703.822.6573 jpobrien@nvcc.edu
Mariela Bonilla Dental Lab Manager 703.822.6660 mbonilla@nvcc.edu

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Leigh Giles-Brown Program Director 703.822.9048 lgilesbrown@nvcc.edu
Kelly Brockway Clinical Coordinator 703.822.6502 kbrockway@nvcc.edu
Annette Fowler Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6648 afowler@nvcc.edu

Emergency Medical Services

Gary Sargent Program Director 703.822.0016 gsargent@nvcc.edu
William Domedion Lab Manager 703.822.9054 bhampton@nvcc.edu
J. Patrick Hooe Administrative Specialist 703.822.6639 jhooe@nvcc.edu
Kathleen Deal Faculty 703.822.6638 kdeal@nvcc.edu
Bill Garringer Faculty 703.822.9054 wgarringer@nvcc.edu
Deborah Loff-Like Faculty 703.822.6651 dlofflike@nvcc.edu
Alexander Like Faculty 703.822.2029 alike@nvcc.edu

Fire Science

Edward Blunt Faculty 703.323.3255 eblunt@nvcc.edu
David Horton Faculty 703.323.3255 dhorton@nvcc.edu


David Falkenstein Faculty 703.822.6659 pfalkenstein@nvcc.edu
Elvira Nevarez Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6557 enevarez@nvcc.edu

Health Information Management

Jacqueline Gibbons Program Director 703.822.9059 jgibbons@nvcc.edu
Tina Gambhir Faculty 703.822.2024 tgambhir@nvcc.edu
Dana Pratt Faculty 703.822.2004 dpratt@nvcc.edu
Niveen Badrah Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6570 nbadrah@nvcc.edu

Medical Lab Technology/Phlebotomy Program

Karen Gordon Program Director 703.822.6551 kgordon@nvcc.edu
Amy McCarty Faculty 703.822.6555 amccarty@nvcc.edu
Stefanie Raymundo-Thompson Faculty 703.822.2722 mraymundo@nvcc.edu
Daniel Voloshin Trainer Instructor II 703.822.2022 dvoloshin@nvcc.edu
Joann Sura Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6548 lsura@nvcc.edu

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Dr. Megan Cook Program Director 703.822.2007 megancook@nvcc.edu
Niveen Badrah Administrative Assistant 703.822.6570 nbadrah@nvcc.edu
Kathryn Skibek Faculty 703.822.2015 kskibek@nvcc.edu

Physical Therapist Assistant

Dr. Jody Gundrum Program Director 703.822.6578 jgundrum@nvcc.edu
Patricia Ottavio Faculty 703.822.6576 pottavio@nvcc.edu
Erica Raggio Instructor & Trainer 703.822.6577 eraggio@nvcc.edu
Karen Morey Faculty 703.822.6574 kmorey@nvcc.edu
Niveen Badrah Administrative Assistant 703.822.6570 nbadrah@nvcc.edu

Radiation Oncology

Tara Versluis Clinical Coordinator 703.822.9042 tversluis@nvcc.edu
Annette Fowler Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6648 afowler@nvcc.edu


Jarice Risper Program Director 703.822.6691 jrisper@nvcc.edu
Annette Fowler Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6648 afowler@nvcc.edu
Maggie Massie Faculty 703.822.6629 mmassie@nvcc.edu
Roberta (Peggy) Heffernan Faculty 703.822.6552 rheffernan@nvcc.edu
Jonathan White Faculty 703.822.6553 jwhite@nvcc.edu

Respiratory Therapy

Donna Freeman Program Director 703.822.2093 dfreeman@nvcc.edu
Kathy Grilliot Clinical Coordinator 703.822.6563 kgrilliot@nvcc.edu
Terri Clark Faculty 703.822.6562 tclark@nvcc.edu
Elvira Nevarez Administrative Support Specialist 703.822.6557 enevarez@nvcc.edu