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What to Expect

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Consulting Staff

You can expect . . .

Honest, immediate feedback from someone who is interested in reading and responding to your paper.

One-on-one attention.

Help with any kind of writing, including essays for class, creative writing, speeches, cover letters and resumes, transfer application essays, etc.

Use of (and some help with) the computers and printers. B.Y.O.Disk.

Free handouts on topics ranging from semicolons to resumes to research papers.

Answers to most of your questions about organization, form, grammar and other concerns.

Suggestions and opinions about your work, not demands. All decisions are yours.

A friendly, low-stress atmosphere.

Sound, objective advice from consultants who have been successful with their own writing and who want to help you with yours.

An improved paper and, more importantly, an improved ability to write the next one.

Please plan to work on one essay per session.

Please do not expect . . .

A proofreading or editing service. We will help you learn to find and fix mistakes; we will NOT take your paper and do a last-minute editing job for you.

A perfect paper. Our goal is to help you become an improved, more independent writer. We hope to help you with your most important problems, so that you can recognize them and avoid them in the future. Our goal is NOT to hunt down every error in every paper.

Someone to write your paper for you.  We offer feedback and advice, but you do ALL the work.