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  • Students sitting in class

Campus Based Course Testing Provided:

  • Alternative testing for students with documented disabilities. Students must provide the testing center a current copy of their Memorandum of Accommodation (MOA).
  • Makeup exams for students who have missed an in-class exam due to illness or emergency.
    • Deadlines must be set within 2 weeks of exam dropoff by instructor.

Not Provided:

  • Full class testing.
  • Rewrites, retakes, retests, extra credit, quizzes, or optional tests of any kind.
    • Testing during Finals Week of NOVA Online sessions for students without an MOA.
    • Hybrid testing

Test Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

  • Fill out a Testing Services Request form each time you leave a makeup exam or an exam for a student with a Memorandum of Accommodation (MOA).
  • On the top of each exam please print the following:
    • Instructor name
    • Student name
    • Time allotted for exam (e.g. 120 minutes).  Start _______ End _________
      Testing Team members will write in the start and end times. Students are responsible for keeping track of their time limit. Clocks are in all testing rooms.
  • Designate a deadline date on a Monday – Friday within two weeks of the date you drop off the exam. No deadlines or makeup testing will be accepted for Saturdays. 
  • Portable memory devices must be provided by instructor if required.
  • Do not accompany your student to the testing center with your test. Drop off your test and Testing Services Request beforehand for staff approval. 
  • Staff approval-- Ask an available testing team member to approve and initial your Testing Services Request before you file your exam. This is required to assure we understand your directions and can provide the accommodation/s required. 
  • Students must start and finish a proctored exam in the Testing Center. Exams begun in class may not be continued in the Testing Center. 
  • Drop off and pick up exams during posted testing Center hours. 

Emailing Exams

  • Emailed exams are not accepted directly by the testing center.
  • To email an exam, email/contact your division office to print, drop-off and/or pick-up the exam and completed Testing Services Request in the testing center.

Finals Week

  • During NOVA Online Finals Weeks, testing centers are dedicated to NOVA Online testing and placement tests.
  • Makeup or class based final exams will be administered to students with documented disabilities only.
  • Please make sure your student has provided the Testing Center with a copy of their current Memorandum of Accommodation.  Students may drop off a hardcopy or email a pdf version to lotesting@nvcc.edu.
  • Students who do not have an MOA of documented accommodations may take final exams in the testing center before and after Finals Week.

Scantron Machine Locations:

  • Humanities Division, LC 214 Workroom
  • Sciences Division, LS 149 Faculty Workroom
  • All Students, LC 1st Floor
Please see your division office for assistance.