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Loudoun Student Life

The Office of Student Life is building a community of learners and inspiring the growth of the whole student by facilitating extracurricular and co-curricular programs that support student engagement, leadership, involvement, teamwork, retention, and life-long learning opportunities.

Every student at the Loudoun Campus has the potential and opportunity to become a student leader. There are many benefits to becoming involved in student leadership. In addition to learning more about yourself, your strengths and interests, you gain valuable skills. The friendships you develop, working together as a team on projects and goals, often remain long after graduation. The satisfaction of working as a team toward a common goal and knowing that you have made a positive contribution to your community is huge. 

Student Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Student Life has a variety of clubs and organizations that you can join. These include the Student Government Association, which is the "voice" of the students on campus and whose members act as representatives of the student body at committee meetings and other activities on- and off-campus. 

If you are interested in joining any organization, please contact one of the club advisors for more information.