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Adjunct Faculty Support

Adjunct Faculty Suite & Division Information: access to workstations, information about division procedures and payrolls

Classroom & Office Equipment: information on classroom equipment including computer, audio-visual and multimedia set up, photocopiers and off-campus use of equipment

Classroom Issues: accommodations, attendance, grades, tutoring

Computer Workstation: information on available software, log on procedures, virus protection protocols

Directories & Newsletters: links to college and campus directories and newsletters

Handbooks: policy manuals for faculty, staff and adjunct faculty

Professional Development Opportunities: links to Campus, College, and VCCS workshops, conferences and grants

Schedules: current schedules for credit courses, NOVAonline and workforce development course offerings

Technology: student email, open computer lab, computer competency testing

Telephones & Voice Mail: operation of desk top phone, long distance calling, voice mail, TTY/TDD phones, emergency call boxes

Testing: requests for proctored testing

Adjunct Faculty Suite & Division Information:

Adjunct Faculty Suite
LR 114 is designated as office space for adjunct faculty. Several desks, computers, printers and filing drawers are available for faculty use. The access code is available from your division office.

Division Information
Communications & Human Studies Division
Dean: Julia Turner
Division Office: LR 304
Phone: 703.450.2505
Fax: 703.404.7368

Natural & Applied Science Division
Dean: Joyce Samuels
Division Office: LR 303
Phone: 703.450.2575
Fax: 703.450.2665

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Classroom & Office Equipment

Contact the Audio-Visual Department for information on the nature and use of multimedia and computer equipment in the classrooms: LR208, ext. 37748

Use of Equipment

Individuals in every department or division are directly responsible for proper control of equipment assigned to them and must be able to account for that equipment throughout the year and during annual inventories. 

If an employee wants to take any item off campus they must have the approval of their immediate supervisor and department head and the Business Manager. All equipment must be checked out, using a 105-5 (Authorization and Custodial Record of Equipment Temporarily Removed From Campus), which is given to the Property & Distribution Manager in the Business Office after the approvals are obtained.  The equipment must be signed back in through the Property & Distribution Manager when the item is returned.    

Physical Inventory is conducted April 1 through June 1 every year. The results of the inventory is compiled for the College and for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) in Richmond. Failure to properly account for equipment assigned to the campuses can result in severe financial penalty to the College and to the VCCS.

If you have any questions about the Business Office please email Sharon Shue.


There are three copying machines -- one is located in each Division and one is in the duplicating room on the second floor. You may use any of the copy machines. See your division office or the Business Office (ext. 562) for your department code. You will need to enter this code in the copy machine every time you use it. In addition to the copiers, many offices have fax machines that will copy one or two sheets quickly.  

NOVA has clear guidelines on copyrights. Check the Faculty Handbook. In the Faculty Handbook, Copyright Regulations (Section 7.4000) are in Section 7, General Policies & Procedures. NOVA Copyright is also an excellent source for information. 

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Classroom Issues

Math Lab: help and testing for self paced developmental math courses and for students enrolled in other math courses

Tutorial Services: information for students who need tutors and for students interesting in becoming tutors

Writing Center: Loudoun Campus Interdisciplinary Writing Center home page

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Computer Workstation

IT Help Desk: College Level support for network and desktop applications

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Directories & Newsletters

Faculty and Staff Directory: includes general user instructions for State, College/Campus Staff, and Department/Office Listing; and listings for individual personnel

Intercom: internal online newsletter for the College; published weekly during Fall and Spring Semesters and biweekly during the summer

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Adjunct Faculty Handbook: policies and procedures related specifically to adjunct faculty rights, responsibilities and duties (PDF) 

Classified Staff Handbook: basic information concerning benefits, policies and procedures for new employees and updated information for current employees

Faculty Handbook: policies and procedures related to faculty rights, responsibilities and duties. The full version available on the College website is limited to print copies available in each unit.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Office of Grants and Sponsored Program: links to information about college, state and federal grant opportunities

Faculty Professional Development: information about the Faculty Professional Development Subcommittee

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Credit Classes: complete schedule of current course offerings by campus. Published Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Print copies available at Admissions and Records.

Loudoun Campus Continuing Education & Workforce Development Classes: registration information and complete schedule of courses offered by the Loudoun Campus Office of Continuing Education.  Published every quarter. Print copies available at Continuing Education.

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Student Email & User ID: information on accessing student email

Student User ID: information on accessing student user IDs, logons, passwords and Web pages

PC Computer Lab: information about the Loudoun Campus open computer lab

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Desk Top Phones: all you ever wanted to know about Voice Over IP and your voice mail

College Directory

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Under special circumstances the Learning Lab/Testing Center will proctor exams:

Loudoun Campus/Reston Center Website

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