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Incoming part-time class begins August (NOVA Fall Semester).

The last date to apply for the part-time On-Line program is June 1st (completed program application packet must be postmarked by this date or will be returned to you).

The On-Line program application process involves mailing in required documents described in the process below.  Only completed application packets will be reviewed for admission to the Veterinary Technology Program:

  • The deadline for completed application packages for the On-Line program is June 1st(postmarked by).
  • Admitted students are generally notified on or before July 1st to their NOVA college E-mail address on-file.
  • Candidates declined admission to the program will be notified on or before July 1st by NOVA College E-mail and will be provided with re-application information.

If you need help or have any questions regarding the Veterinary Technology program application process or the requirements needed to apply to the program, complete our Contact Form

Please note that there is no formal application form directly for the program, but the candidate must print, complete, sign, and include a current year Pre-Admissions Checklist as the top-page document when mailing all of the following materials in one single application package. See the tips and suggestions offered below for key steps of the process based on frequently asked questions.

If you wish to apply for on-line program admission, it is required that you complete the following:

  1. Print Application Checklist.
    • Print out and initial the current year Pre-Admissions Checklist to acknowledge that you have met all of the minimum requirements and are including all of the supporting materials needed to apply to the full-time program.
    • This specific application checklist should be included as the top page and mailed with your entire application package in a single large manila envelope.
    • Please be sure to submit your application materials in their entirety. Incomplete application folders or separate items received will not be accepted for the review process.
  2. Submit an application for general admissions to the College.
    • If you are currently enrolled in classes at NOVA or have attended NOVA within the last two years, there is no need to re-apply to the college.
    • Complete an on-line application at www.nvcc.edu. Click on the tab APPLY NOW in the top right corner of the NOVA homepage.
    • Be sure to record the password you use to complete the application; you will use this password to log in to MY NOVA later.
    • At the end of the application process, pay specific attention to obtain and record your new STUDENT ID# and USER NAME for future use.
    • If you encounter any problems with the application process, please contact the IT Help Desk at 703.426.4141 (available 24/7), and select option # 1 when prompted.
  3. Request three official copies of college transcripts be sent from your school(s) directly to you at your home address:
    • Request that your school(s) send you at least two (2) official transcript copies from each institution to your home address (do not open the transcripts) and include one copy from each school’s unopened official transcript as part of your final application package. Keep the second copy for your own records and as a back-up unopened copy.
    • Request the third copy of transcripts to be sent to the College for official transcript evaluation – see Step #5 below.
  4. Submit Official Score Documents for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits with packet (if applicable to you).
  5. Submit a Request for Evaluation of Transcript Form (Form 125‐049E) which must be completed online for transfer credit purposes.

    Paper transcript evaluation request forms will no longer be accepted. You must submit a separate request for each transcript you would like to be evaluated. All international high school and international college transcripts must first be evaluated for course‐by‐course credit by an evaluation agency. Once you have received the completed course‐ by‐course evaluation, follow the steps listed above to request final evaluation through NOVA Student Services.

    Recommended private services to use for international transcript translation and review:

    Be sure to document the date and time Form 125-049E was completed and submitted on the Veterinary Technology Pre-Admissions Checklist.

  6. Submit with your application packet a typed, dated, and signed letter of intent describing your background.

    Please include your academic accomplishments, work experience, life skills and your interest in becoming a professional Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT).

    • Letter should be single-spaced, 12pt font, and a maximum of 2-pages
    • Include your name, NOVA STUDENT ID # and full signature at end of letter
    • Include a current resume (maximum of 2-pages)
  7. Obtain two professional letters of recommendation, each individually sealed in an envelope and addressed to:

    Dr. Kiana Adkisson-Selby
    NOVA – Loudoun Campus
    Veterinary Technology Department
    Natural & Applied Science Division

    • DO NOT have letters of recommendation mailed or E-mailed directly to the program. Both letters of reference are to be included with your application package.
    • Request that each person writing a reference letter sign and date across the back of the sealed envelope then return the letter to you for inclusion within the packet. This action shows that the letter is official and has not been opened.
    • Letters of reference from family members (close and distant) or co-workers are NOT acceptable.
    • Solid Professional letters of reference should be obtained from people who know you well and can speak of your character and the kind of person that you are or comment on your previous academic performance (i.e. practice managers, LVTs, veterinarians, practice owners, other work supervisors, high school teachers or counselors, college professors, people for whom you have completed volunteer service).
  8. Download the Memorandum of Agreement forms, the Task List, and Equipment Check List.

    Have your mentor complete the Mentor Memorandum of Agreement, Task List and Equipment Check List. You complete the College Memorandum of Agreement and Student Memorandum of Agreement forms. You must print them out, and return the completed forms with signatures via regular mail in your application package or in person. Do not email electronic copies or scans.

  9. Complete NOVA placement tests for reading, writing, and mathematics with satisfactory scores and submit scores to the Veterinary Technology program.

    Satisfactory scores will place you into English 111, Math 133, and Chemistry 101 or 111. Ensure placement scores are posted to your NOVA student account for verification.

    You do not need to take these free NOVA placement exams if you fit into any one of the following categories:

    • You are a current or previous NOVA student and have already taken the English and Math placement tests with satisfactory scores.
    • You are a current or previous NOVA student and you have already completed English 111 (you do not need to re-take the English placement test).
    • You are a current or previous NOVA student and you have already completed a college-level Math course (you do not need to re-take the Math placement test); developmental Math courses do not count.
    • You are a current or previous NOVA student and you have already completed Chemistry 101 or 111.
    • You are a student who has earned an Associate’s or Bachelor’s or other advanced degree from another accredited school.
    • You are a student transferring in Freshman English or a college-level credit math course (pass/fail math courses do not count) from another accredited college with at least a “C.”
  10. AFTER you have completed all the above steps, mail your completed application package with the Application Checklist as the top-page document to the NOVA Loudoun Veterinary Technology program; no hand-delivery of application packet.

    Only completed and mailed application packets will be reviewed for admission to the Veterinary Technician program.  Application package must be mailed to the Veterinary Technology On-Campus assistant dean’s office located below postmarked by deadline:

    NOVA Community College – Loudoun Campus
    Veterinary Technology Department
    21200 Campus Drive
    LA Building, Room 153
    Sterling, Virginia 20164-8699

    • An E-mail will sent to your VCCS student E-mail address confirming that your application packet is received and complete.
    • Evaluation of application packets will only be granted to those prospective students who have completed steps 1 through 10 and who have met all minimum requirements.
    • Be sure to submit your application material in one large manila mailing package by any mail carrier (e.g. USPS, FedEx, UPS) that provides delivery confirmation and package tracking services. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail to the College. No hand-delivery of application packets.
  11. Financial Aid considerations:
    • At the same time that you are preparing an application to be accepted to the Veterinary Technology program, be sure to also meet with a financial aid counselor on any campus to discuss financial aid process and your options. 
    • The Loudoun Campus financial aid counselors are located in the LR building (Reynolds, Room 249 for the Loudoun campus. Call toll-free to 1-855-323-3199 first to confirm their weekday walk-in hours before you visit.
    • You can find the information for financial aid offices at all NOVA campuses on the Financial Aid page
    • More information about financial aid can be found under the Financial Aid FAQ
    • The six-digit identification code for Northern Virginia Community College is 003727.