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Horticulture: Faculty

Anders Vidstrand, Assistant Professor/Program Head
Horticulture Program
Email: avidstrand@nvcc.edu 
Office: Loudoun Science - 146
Phone: 703.450.2614

Susan Dickson, Assistant Professor 
Horticulture Program
Email: sdickson@nvcc.edu
Office: Loudoun Science - 148
Phone: 703.948.5483

Tracy Knapp, Horticulturist/Lab Technician
Horticulture Program
Email: tknapp@nvcc,edu 
Office: Loudoun Science - 103
Phone: 703.948.7754

Barbara Canfield, Ed.D, Dean
Natural & Applied Science
Email: bcanfield@nvcc.edu
Office: Reynolds Building - 303
Phone: 703.450.2587