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Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies, and Business

Explore the academic programs offered in the Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies, and Business Division.

Course/Title Name Phone Email
Division Dean Dr. Barbara Canfield 703.450.2575 bcanfield@nvcc.edu
Accounting Kush Jenkins 703.948.2789 kjenkins@nvcc.edu
Accounting Rujuta Panchal 703.948.7714 rpanchal@nvcc.edu
Biology Dr. Gillian Backus 703.948.7785 gbackus@nvcc.edu
Biology Woodnard Givens 703.404.7333 wgivens@nvcc.edu
Biology Dr. Michael Hansen 703.948.7751 mhansen@nvcc.edu
Biology Morgan Marsh 703.450.2621 mmarsh@nvcc.edu 
Biology Scott Matthews 703.450.2622 smatthews@nvcc.edu
Biology Dr. Paula Rodgers 703.948.2790 prodgers@nvcc.edu
Biology Fred Terranova 703.450.2576 fterranova1@nvcc.edu 
Biology Dr. Eric Voll 703.450.2510 evoll@nvcc.edu
Biology Heidi Wangerin 703.450.2792h hwangerin@nvcc.edu 
Business Management & Administration Miguel Corrigan 703.450.2615 mcorrigan@nvcc.edu
Business Management & Administration Jonathan Opata 703.948.7787 jopata@nvcc.edu 
Chemistry Mitra Jahangeri 703.948.7783 mjahangeri@nvcc.edu
Chemistry Dr. Anita Mohan 703.948.7550 amohan@nvcc.edu
Chemistry Dr. Krishna Pendyala 703.948.7714 kpendyala@nvcc.edu
Chemistry, Assistant Dean Dr. Edward Perry 703.948.7789 eperry@nvcc.edu
Computer Science Hashem Anwari 703.450.2610 manwari@nvcc.edu
Engineering Dr. Mohammed (Hamadi) Belghith 703.450.2611 mbelghith@nvcc.edu
Environmental Science Dr. John Bozeman 703.948.7596 jbozeman@nvcc.edu 
Financial Services Miguel Corrigan 703.450.2615 mcorrigan@nvcc.edu
Geology Okia Ikwuazorm 703.948.7584 oikwuazorm@nvcc.edu
Geology Dr. William Straight 703.948.7750 wstraight@nvcc.edu
Horticulture Anders Vidstrand 703.450.2614


Horticulture Susan Dickson 703.450.5483


Mathematics Dr. Ala Abdelbaki 703.450.2526 aabdelbaki@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Sharis Ahmadi 703.948.7713 sahmadi@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Gwendalin Aranya 703.450.5484 garanya@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Karen Barr 703.450.2611 kbarr@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Joseph Herning 703.450.2620 jherning@nvcc.edu
Mathematics, Associate Dean Laura Jacyna 703.450.2538 ljacyna@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Lara Langdon  703.948.7793 llangdon@nvcc.edu 
Mathematics Karen Sandreczki 703.948.5482 ksandreczki@nvcc.edu
Mathematics John Scalea 703.948.7700 jscalea@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Michael Victorine 703.948.7712 mvictorine@nvcc.edu
Mathematics Dr. Tyler White 703.948.7659 tmwhite@nvcc.edu
Natural Science Dr. Gillian Backus 703.948.7785 gbackus@nvcc.edu
Natural Science Scott Matthews 703.450.2622 smatthews@nvcc.edu
Physical Education Nicholas Sborz 703.948.7795 nsborz@nvcc.edu
Physics Dr. Francesca Viale fviale@nvcc.edu
Veterinary Technology, Program Head, Online Program Dr. Kiana Adkisson-Selby 703.450.2634 kadkissonselby@nvcc.edu
Veterinary Technology Dr. Mary Suzanne Aller 703.450.2623 maller@nvcc.edu
Veterinary Technology Dr. Amy Laubinger  703.948.7794 llaubinger@nvcc.edu 
Veterinary Technology Nora Glaser 703.450.2623 nglaser@nvcc.edu

The following table lists the support staff of the Natural and Applied Sciences Division.

Course/Title Name Phone Email
Division Office Administrative Assistants, LR 303 Kathleen Blair, Office Manager 703.450.2575 kblair@nvcc.edu
  Seema Varma 703.450.2575 svarma@nvcc.edu
Biology Lab Assistants, LS 103 Justina Ceja 703.450.2657 jceja@nvcc.edu
Chemistry Lab Assistant, LS 103 Heather Soliday 703.948.7743 hsoliday@nvcc.edu
Horticulture Lab Assistant, LS 103 Steven Darrow 703.948.7592 sdarrow@nvcc.edu
Math Center Instructor/Trainers, SH316 Martin Shaw 703.450.2644 mshaw@nvcc.edu
  Jill Hacker 703.450.2644 jhacker@nvcc.edu
  Phi Phung Trinh 703.450.2644 ptrinh@nvcc.edu
Computer Lab Assistants, LW 228 Laurie Mergler 703.450.2521 lmergler@nvcc.edu
  Joseph Walker 703.450.2521 jowalker@nvcc.edu
Veterinary Technology Administrative Assistants, LA 153 Deborah Fulton 703.948.7590 dfulton@nvcc.edu
Veterinary Technology Lab Assistants, LA 102 Diane Schrenzel 703.948.7786 dschrenzel@nvcc.edu
LA Lobby Dawn Witter 703.450.2525 dwitter@nvcc.edu